Sunday, September 30, 2012

My First Vacation

My first vacation ever was definitely a winner :) Daddy took mommy and I to the Westin Diplomat hotel in Hollywood where we got an ocean front room on the 15th floor for the WHOLE weekend! I wasn't so happy about being away from my comfort zone at first, but after a nice long nap I reconsidered my complaints and enjoyed my new surroundings. Mommy and daddy took me down to the pools and ocean once it cooled down a little bit and I got my first taste of the beach.

LET ME TELL YOU.... who ever said hot salty air and the cold ocean water was FUN is crazy!!!! Are people serious?? They pay MONEY to do this?? C R A Z Y! First of all, my eyes are very sensitive after months and months of being inside, so even with my hat on, things were so bright I could barely open my eyes. Secondly, the humidity and heat along with the warm sun on my skin... things I'm not sure how I feel about just yet. Thirdly, the ocean.... and the pool.... are COLD. Have I mentioned how much I don't like anything cold. In my mouth or on my skin, doesn't matter, I'm not a fan! However, I digress....

Mommy and daddy ordered room service that night and we all hung out on the balcony of our room for the whole night, it was soooooo nice and relaxing! The next morning we ate a nice breakfast downstairs and tackled the ocean amenities... I took another relaxing nap while finishing my own breakfast while mommy and daddy tested out the pools. When I woke up, mommy and daddy got this crazy idea to take me WITH them into the pool, why would they think I'd enjoy that?? First mommy lathered me up with sunscreen, another unwelcome experience, then we went for the kiddie pool. I didn't scream when my feet hit the water, per say, however I made it very clear in as loud a voice as I could find that I was NOT happy with the experience of cold water. Mommy and daddy weren't deterred, however, and eased me in all the way up to my tummy (okay it wasn't that bad once I warmed up to the water). Swimming wore me out pretty quickly so I took a nice naked nap on mommy to dry off and rest up before we tackled the ocean. Again I wasn't sure about the cold water, but the ocean was a little warmer than the pool and I ended up getting all the way in with mommy and daddy and actually enjoying myself if you can believe it!

Mommy and I took a warm bubble bath in our room after that to wash off all that salty ocean water and spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around and enjoying our balcony! We took one more stroll on the ocean this morning before we left.... my eyes are getting better adjusted to being outside, although when mommy tried my feet in the cold ocean again I let her have it! It's gonna be a while before I warm up to that feeling :)

All in all I'd say our vacation was a SUCCESS! I was such a good boy for the whole weekend and tried lots of new things. We all got the break away from home that we needed along with some much needed rest! I have a big week ahead of me, wish me luck!!!!! Here are some pictures from our weekend....

Playing with my toys

Like my hat?

So bright out here

My first taste of the ocean

Nap time by the pool

Napping with mommy after a dip in the pool

Swimming is exhausting

Enjoying my king sized bed

more nap time

Snuggling on my bed

a king on my throne

Enjoying the view with mommy

Beautiful view

Enjoying my bed a little more

Even giving smiles

And enjoying my hands

Hanging out with daddy

View from our room

Daddy with a pina colada on the beach

The ocean wore me out

Evening on the balcony

Whoa daddy that flash is bright

Pretty water

Our awesome hotel

Full moon

Our walk on the last day

I can open my eyes a little wider today

Proof I put my feet in the water

I guess its not SO bad afterall

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  1. Looks like a blast...boy is he getting big too! Time to start holding your head up little man! Love you guys, wish we were coming to see you soon!