Thursday, September 20, 2012

Play Date

Today I had a play date with some of my old NICU buddies Marcus and Rebecca. It was nice having a girl around actually, it seems like its always boys boys boys these days hehe... We had some yummy banana bread and coffee (well the mommies did, we babies enjoyed some of our mommy's milk) and share war stories from the NICU. Who would have thought we'd all finally make it out of that place?? We were each born at 24 and 26 weeks and all under 600 grams... TEENY! We also had mostly all the same surgeries and issues while we were there so we have a lot in common. Thankfully those days are OVER and we can share happy growing, playing, accomplishment stories now!! It was really nice hanging out with my buddies outside of the hospital, I can't wait to do that more.

I've been quite the grump today, not sure why. I don't have a fever or anything that seems to be wrong... I'm just GRUMPY and moody and took some pretty serious naps throughout the day. I was not a nice boy for my OT this morning and luckily PT was canceled because I wasn't gonna make it through another 1/2 hour of anyone touching me. I did get a nice warm bath this evening, which always puts me in a better mood, and am currently snuggled up on mommy's chest sleep talking and dreaming good dreams! Tomorrow daddy and I are spending the day together so mommy can go teach her class and meet with some insurance people for me again. Mommy says she's going to miss me like CRAZY tomorrow but I know it's going to be fun with daddy and I'm sure I'll get lots of hugs and kisses from mommy when she finally comes home! :)

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