Monday, February 25, 2013

Just another weekend of fun

Not much to tell about my weekend.... it's super hot down here so mommy and I did some swimming in my baby pool AND in a big kid pool!!!! I am really starting to like the water a lot :) We visited the park too, went to church, and daddy and I took mommy out for a yummy dinner! Daddy moved down to Doral this morning for the next few weeks so it's just mommy and I....

Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel

Ok so I wasn't being a perfect little boy

But I think I was pretty good overall sitting in the high chair

Swing time

Nothing like swinging and eating

Looking at my shoes, do these look good mommy?

Hmmm, grass you say?

My belly's full now mommy I need a nap

NOT YET MOMMY!!! I want to stay in longer

Yeah, 5 more minutes sounds good


I have the ball and you can't have it!

Ohhhh, I'll trade you for the Duke ball

Riding my caterpillar rocker

This is fun mommy!!

Mommy attacking me again!!

I'm tiiiiiirrrrreeeeedddd

Nope, just kidding I'm awake!!

Baby pool time

I'm ready mommy, come on

I think I'll start with this one

Hey mommy, you wanna come in too?

Hey... hey boat, come over here

Yeah, over HERE!

Hey, why'd you turn upside down??

I sunk the boat mommy, I don't know how


Ok I'm ready to get out

I think I'll air dry mommy

Except my face, let me dry that off

Playtime again

Dinner date with mommy and daddy

Time for church?? Yeah I'm ready

Yes, I look studly as always

Resting before my pool date with my girlfriend Brooklyn

OK.... Brooklyn's going swimming, I'm ready too mommy!

Had to have a bath to wash all that sunscreen off

Singing in the tub

Handsome in the mornings

Mommy's trying to get me on a new feeding and napping schedule because my therapy times changed from 9:30-10am every morning to 8:30-9am (right when I take my first nap). SO, no more early morning naps for me.... so far today she took me for a walk and did some creative play time to keep me awake and I actually had one of the best mornings at PT that I've had in FOREVER (not a fan of my PT, she makes me work too hard)... I tried to sleep on the way home but mommy caught me right as I was dozing off! She said I had to have a snack first, then I could sleep.... of course by then I got a second wind and wasn't really interested in a nap, haha!!! That's what you get for interrupting my sleep mommy!!

Mommy's also trying to change my feeding schedule a little to be more like what a normal "eating" baby would be. She started putting rice cereal in my milk to introduce my tummy to some solid food and to bulk up my calories so I don't have to drink SO much milk every meal.... she also started giving it to me directly in my belly instead of always over the pump so I get my food faster and don't have to be locked down with the pump so much! So far it seems to be working okay... she says when my tummy gets used to the cereal she'll try to give me some pureed veggies... YUM!!! Too bad (or thank goodness) I can't taste any of it....

I have a new game I like to play with my voice.... I start a little yell, then mommy or daddy will yell back, then I yell, then they yell... it pretty fun!!! I also play it when I'm tired and I mumble and mommy mumbles back and forth with me.... she's trying to get me to say mama or dada again but I'm happy with my yells and mumbles for now :)

Daddy playing our game

Your turn

Ok my turn

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A good news week

Well my good news of the week is that my Neurosurgeon appointment went perfect! My head circumference is right on the curve where it should be (it stopped growing for a few weeks so the rest of my body could catch up :) and we don't have to go back to see him for 3 months!!! Mommy and daddy were VERY happy with that news.... I'm a superstar :)

Otherwise I've just been hanging out this week.... we went to my favorite park with my BFFs on Tuesday and had SO much fun!! We hit up the slides and swings and enjoyed just being outside in the fresh air and cool breeze :)

My BFF Jacob trying out the slide!

Another steering wheel for me to figure out

I got this, hold on mommy

Chillaxing under the tents with mommy

I think I have this sitting thing FINALLY down pat.... I like to sit in my room and play with my sports balls and sing and sing and sing!! 

Sitting like a big boy!!

Playing naked is pretty fun

I WANT that Duke ball!!!

Hmmm, I wonder what a saw tastes like?

Naked baby + Singing = Happy

Oh hi mommy, did you like my song?

Mommy has been winning the belly sleeping battle this week!!! It's ok though, I don't mind being on my belly so much these days and when I do get to sleep on my belly I have the bestest naps and wake up in the bestest moods!! 

Gooooooood afternoon mommy

Waking up happy

I've been testing out these book things lately too..... mommy has SO many for me and she's always reading them to me, so I figured I'd give them a shot and see what the fuss is all about....

Hmmm.... monkeys or elephants??

Ok we'll start with the monkeys

Oh, this guy has bushy eyebrows

What's with this guy's tongue??

He's got a banana... I don't really like bananas

Eh..... I think I'll go back to watching cartoons... Tinga Tinga Tales has monkeys on it too!!

Reading about monkeys

I also like to swing on the porch swing in the backyard with mommy when it gets cool in the evenings!! I can sit and sing and scream and no one cares :)

Yep, that's ME!

Singing on the swing

I've been missing Speech Therapy for a couple of weeks because of silly paperwork, so mommy and I have been doing our own feeding classes! She tried yellow squash this weekend (eh, I could take it or leave it) but I've gotten her to go back to my safe and steady plain rice cereal this week... I don't really like it when she feeds me, I prefer her to put some on my spoon and let me do the work!!! :)

YUM YUM! Kind of messy

Feeding myself, thank you!

Naked time

My Great Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob came to visit us yesterday and we went to a super yummy (or so they said) dinner at a place called 15th Street Fisheries!!! It's right on the Intercoastal and you can watch the boats go by and see the Tarpon by the docks... I had a fabulous time with everyone...

Watching the fish with daddy

Posing with Aunt Sandy and mommy


After dinner hugs

LOTS of Tarpon in the water

I officially graduated to 12 month clothes today.... mommy's been fighting it for a while now but I just don't seem to be fitting in the 6 and 9 month clothes anymore so she pulled out a new outfit for me!!! Pretty cool considering I'm not even a year old yet and really shouldn't be considered a year old until July.... Milk really does do the body good hehe :)

Getting too big mommy and daddy say!