Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

On Sunday mommy and daddy took me to the pumpkin patch to pick out the PERFECT pumpkin for Halloween. Yes, even in South Florida we have pumpkin patches :) This one was at a big nursery down the road so not only did they have pumpkins, but they had lots of pretty plants and garden stuff and they even had a Farmer's Market! We took lots of fun pictures and explored the whole place and daddy picked out a couple of pumpkins for us :)

Picture time with mommy


Me and Daddy

Getting tired

Lots to do here

Look at all these pumpkins

My favorite, CHARLIE BROWN

What'd you say daddy

Time to rock

Mommy and daddy worked hard to carve our pumpkins and I have to say, they both created masterpieces :)

Who did who?

Daddy's is the mean one

I tried to help

But daddy had to do the hard part

I decided to play instead

And then I fell asleep because they took so long :)

I ended up playing with mommy and daddy more afterward than during the pumpkin carving event, but that's ok! There's always next year!!! I'm excited for my FIRST Halloween tomorrow!! I'm going to dress up as.....

You will just have to wait and see :) On a final note, I have discovered my tongue!!!! Daddy did it... he showed me how to stick out my tongue, and now that I know how to do it, I stick it out ALLLLL the time!!! I can make bubbles and all kinds of fun new sounds with it, this is GREAT :) Here are some pictures of me hanging out and playing the last few days....

Chilling with my rings

I have a TONGUE

Hitting these rings is so much fun

More tongue action

I actually had to put my hat on to take a walk because it's so cold outside

Hanging out with my mommy and my dalmations

Making funny faces

Sleepy time

Look at my chunky feet!

Posing for daddy

What look did you say you wanted me to make daddy?

Look at how BIG I am

Ok I can give you a smile if you want

Or a laugh

Or both

Thanks for sitting in the back with me mommy

I know I have long eyelashes.... :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Comings and Goings

I have a few things to tell about my week since I last wrote. First of all, this Neosure is not only making me grow like a crazy boy (I'm up to 13 lb, 4 oz), but my hair also seems to be growing (see exhibit A below):

Hey, I know it's not much, but when all you've had is peach fuzz your whole life you get to celebrate when you have enough hair to see it against the white tile!!! And don't ask me why it's growing in dark right now.... I have no doubt it will blonde out soon enough (both mommy and daddy were toe heads!).

I've started a late night play time habit where I like to wake up from my first bed time and use my second wind to talk and play in my room with mommy and daddy around 9:30-10pm. They don't seem to mind since I'm so darn cute and I have lots to talk to them about by the end of the day! I have some pretty awesome toys but the funny thing is my favorites end up being the silly rings that connect to each other! They are so easy to grab and so interesting :)

See how close they are to me?

I still love my hands too

Hi Mommy

I can even hit the rings and make them move

Sometimes I like to talk on my side

I do get tired... eventually :)

I make funny faces with daddy too...

Would you take the picture already mom?

What was that Mommy??

I was kind of restless last night because my tummy was bothering me, so I ended up snuggling with mommy and daddy this morning and slept in until 9:45am.... Mommy had to wake me up!!

FINALLY comfortable...

I was t i r e d

Once I finally woke up mommy and daddy told me we were going to the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show!!! I've never been on a boat before so I had to get dressed for the occasion....

I know I slept in but I still needed a quick cat nap before the boat show


Beach Bum.... I thought it was appropriate!

I took my FIRST boat ride EVER to get to where the big boats were.... 

Whoa this feels weird

I think I'll hang out with mommy for the ride

Just like my shirt says man...

Hi Daddy!!


Once we finally got to the show, we walked and walked and walked along the intercoastal and saw so many HUMONGOUS boats!!! The only boat I've ever seen is our boat in the backyard, and these boats were WAY bigger!!! The weather was a perfect temperature with beautiful blue skies and LOTS of wind. I mostly hung out in my stroller and watched all the boats go by...

Enjoying the ride

Hi guys, I'm still here

Here's the boat daddy wants to buy

Mmmm... this hand is GOOD

All that walking and fresh air wore me out after a while, so I went ahead and took a nap on the boat ride back to our car...

Being outside is hard work

When we got home we did a little swinging in the backyard (where I snuck in another nap) before I took a nice warm bath and chatted with mommy and daddy about my day!! :)

I can't help it sometimes

Overall I'd say I'm having a good weekend so far :) Tomorrow the Bears play my Panthers in football... I'm going to have to wear my Panthers jersey for mommy and my Bears hat for daddy!! Needless to say it could get a little rough in our house around 1pm!!