Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hooray Weekend

Well, we made it through another exhausting week... so to celebrate I decided not only to sleep through the night (my new norm), but to let mommy and daddy sleep all the way until 9am :) Am I a good boy or what?? We enjoyed a nice lazy morning (with a couple naps thrown in there) and then mommy cleaned the house a little while daddy washed the boat! He also filled my kiddie pool full of water and left it in the sun for me so it would warm up (he knows my aversion to all things cold).... and boy did it warm up! A couple hours later and it wasn't a kiddie pool anymore, it was a kiddie hot tub!!! That, of course, was fine with me. I ended up sitting in the with mommy for a little while and together we enjoyed the fresh air and warm breeze of the backyard. When we finally got out of the water I was able to enjoy some naked time on the swing with mommy and daddy.... it's so nice not having to wear clothes sometimes!!

Oh this feels GOOD :)

Getting a little lunch while we're out here! 

Swinging with mommy

Daddy got tickets to go to the Miami Hurricanes/Florida Seminoles football game with Auntie Emma, so she came over to visit with me before they drove down to the stadium! 

Auntie Emma is SO funny

Stillllll naked!!

Mommy and I had a date night while daddy was out! We took a bubble bath (my FAVORITE), then played and talked and read books and finally snuggled...

Wrapped up after my bath

Chilling with my monkey in my room

Snuggled with mommy

I do, however, have several bedtimes.... so goodnight isn't really official until (usually) around 10pm... I get my first bed time nap in around 8 o'clock, then something inevitably wakes me up and I get a BIG second wind. Then I start winding back down for my real bed time around 10. Tonight I helped mommy fold laundry with my extra energy.... 

Awake after my first bed time

.... but mommy tried to make me do my own work and I was NOT having it (I'm here to keep her entertained while she performs the mundane task of folding clothes, I'm not here to do therapy!)...

..... and then I talked to this VERY handsome lil man who mommy introduced me to in the mirror!!! Wow, what a NICE guy, always smiling and talking to me.... :)

That guy is SO funny

I think he looks like me

He's very entertaining whoever he is

I have finally made it to bed for my real bedtime and plan to have another restful night and fabulous day watching football tomorrow!!! :) Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Love it! I wish it were warm enough here to sit in a kiddie pool! It's between 64 and 78 everyday. I trimmed up the bushes today cause the weather was nice and cool...we just got Sebastian a wagon (he got a huge gift card for his bday) and HE LOVES IT! He can have a ball in there with him and he gets to ride down the sidewalk in style. It has a seat belt so he can't try to climb out! Only a few more weeks til we get to see you guys again...yay! Sebastian is just starting to understand babies so they should get along nicely!!!

    Love you guys!