Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Weekend

Today was a sad day after a happy weekend because my Mamie and Pops had to leave :( BUT... I had a great time with them alllll weekend! First we had the WHOLE day to ourselves on Friday and I got to show them all the cool stuff I know how to do and we played with all my fun toys! We made potato leek soup and watched movies with mommy all night long, then slept in on Saturday which felt REALLY good! On Saturday we went out for a little shopping and everyone (except me) bought shoes.... haha... then I had my first of I'm sure many Cheesecake Factory experiences! I slept on the booth next to mommy while she ate her lunch :)

Playing with a toy my friend Ms. Karen gave me! One of my FAVORITES!

Hanging out with the Cat in the Hat

Chillin with Pops

Enjoying my hands at the Cheesecake Factory while everyone else ate their lunches

Helping mommy shop

All tuckered out from my big day out

On Sunday we decided to take a ride over to the beach and walk on the boardwalk in Hollywood. It was beautiful and sunny at my house so I got prepared to hit the waves....

Trying out my shades

Not sure how I feel about these things

Oh mommy

Lookin' GOOD

Mommy is so funny sometimes

....but by the time we got over to the beach it was dark and sprinkling rain :( We decided to risk it anyway and took a stroll by the water. It turned out to be ok... it sprinkled a little while we had lunch and a HUGE crack of lightning struck close by in the water and scared everyone... but in the end the rain held off and we still enjoyed the ocean and the breeze, so overall it was a success!! :)

Napping in the stroller

Hey, when did Uncle Pierce get a street named after him?

We made it

Pops was showing me how to dance... silly

Daddy FINALLY came home to me yesterday from Chicago and brought me LOTS of Bears gifts!!! Mommy says he's not allowed to go back to Chicago for a long time if he is going to bring back ugly blue and orange clothes and hats for me, but I am pretty excited to wear all my new stuff when I get a little bigger :)

I'm sad the weekend is over and my Mamie and Pops had to go back to North Carolina... BUT they promise to come back and see me again soon... and I am happy to have my daddy back :)

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