Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

On Sunday mommy and daddy took me to the pumpkin patch to pick out the PERFECT pumpkin for Halloween. Yes, even in South Florida we have pumpkin patches :) This one was at a big nursery down the road so not only did they have pumpkins, but they had lots of pretty plants and garden stuff and they even had a Farmer's Market! We took lots of fun pictures and explored the whole place and daddy picked out a couple of pumpkins for us :)

Picture time with mommy


Me and Daddy

Getting tired

Lots to do here

Look at all these pumpkins

My favorite, CHARLIE BROWN

What'd you say daddy

Time to rock

Mommy and daddy worked hard to carve our pumpkins and I have to say, they both created masterpieces :)

Who did who?

Daddy's is the mean one

I tried to help

But daddy had to do the hard part

I decided to play instead

And then I fell asleep because they took so long :)

I ended up playing with mommy and daddy more afterward than during the pumpkin carving event, but that's ok! There's always next year!!! I'm excited for my FIRST Halloween tomorrow!! I'm going to dress up as.....

You will just have to wait and see :) On a final note, I have discovered my tongue!!!! Daddy did it... he showed me how to stick out my tongue, and now that I know how to do it, I stick it out ALLLLL the time!!! I can make bubbles and all kinds of fun new sounds with it, this is GREAT :) Here are some pictures of me hanging out and playing the last few days....

Chilling with my rings

I have a TONGUE

Hitting these rings is so much fun

More tongue action

I actually had to put my hat on to take a walk because it's so cold outside

Hanging out with my mommy and my dalmations

Making funny faces

Sleepy time

Look at my chunky feet!

Posing for daddy

What look did you say you wanted me to make daddy?

Look at how BIG I am

Ok I can give you a smile if you want

Or a laugh

Or both

Thanks for sitting in the back with me mommy

I know I have long eyelashes.... :)

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