Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Kicks

I got some new "kicks" today as they call them. My OT has a new son too who's four months old and he had two new pairs of Nike sneakers... but when his mommy put them on him they kept falling off and it turns out they were too small for his feet! She saw me wear my high tops last week to therapy and since she didn't want her son's sneakers to go to waste, and I'm one of her FAVORITE babies, she gave them to me! Isn't that so, so nice?! I'm going to be SO stylin!!

My snazzy new kicks

On Sunday mommy thought I might like to go in the pool again with my new swimmy shirt since it was a super nice day out and daddy was working on our boat. However, unlike Saturday where the water in my pool warmed up to a toasty hot tub temperature, the sun wasn't blazing on Sunday and my pool stayed moderately cool. Everyone knows by now how I feel about all things cold.... so needless to say my Sunday swimming experience was NOT a happy one! I made it very clear to mommy that swimming in cold water was no fun at all and we ended up swinging instead :)

Like my shades?

Being outside is hard work

I like the swing MUCH better than the pool

Watching my puppy dog watch me :)

After swimming we watched my favorite football team the Carolina Panthers, who ended up losing again :( It's ok though, I'm a faithful fan no matter what!

Sporting my Panthers gear

Big smiles

So I fell asleep through some of the game

Things have been pretty quiet this week so far.... I got to hang out with daddy this morning and mommy this afternoon because one of my nurses couldn't come today. I wasn't complaining :) The weather is starting to get nicer down here so mommy and I usually swing outside with Aston when she gets home...

My new favorite place

Daddy recorded me talking in bed the other night... you can't really see me but you can hear me chatting it up :) G'nite!

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