Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Found Knowledge and Power

I learned a few things about myself today and feel suddenly empowered :)

Here is what I learned:

1) I have a voice and I'm going to use it.

2) NEVER trust a doctor when they lay you down on the table. e v e r

3) I'm a lot smarter than people realize.

4) Crying, whining, and complaining DOES get you somewhere, regardless of what they say.

5) I LOVE water. 

6) Afternoon naps bring out the best in me.

Let me elaborate....

I have always known I had a voice and usually like to use it to talk to mommy and daddy and a select few other worthy people. However, a voice can be used for more than just casual conversation.... a voice can be used to make a point and get someone's attention....  For example, when mommy took me to the GI doctor today I used my voice to talk and play with her while we were waiting for the doctor. My voice, combined with a big smile, can REALLY get mommy's attention in my favorite way!! Then again, when the doctor did finally come see me (and this goes to my second point), my voice, combined with tears and/or the holding of my breath, can ALSO get mommy's attention!!

Never trust a doctor when they lay you on the table because inevitably you will get stuck, poked, prodded, and the like within the first minute of inspection. OR... in my case, a perfectly fine G-tube could be ripped from my stomach and replaced with a stick in the belly, all without warning!! I don't care if a "mickey" will be better for me in the long run... to say I couldn't breathe, or speak for that matter, because the pain and shock were so severe would be an understatement :( And mommy knew all along, how could she???

I am smarter, though, that she realizes.... and paid her back after her betrayal. I have figured out that the position of me on my back is no longer a safe position. Since the GI doctor had me flat on my back for the unexpected G-tube operation, then mommy picked me up and made me feel better, then she laid me back down on my back for the doctor to mess with again, then picked me up and comforted me.... I have concluded that the position of me on my back is NOT a safe one and will subsequently scream bloody murder any and every time I am in that position.

Through this process I have also learned that crying helps get my point across.... particularly when I add a little high pitch squeal to the cries. I have never been a crier, or maybe never really had the need or cause to cry or complain beyond a little groaning and whining.... however, it's never too late to try something new! Especially if it gets you what you want!! So, I'm learning to use my cry and my voice to get what I need in this world :)

Mommy DID make it up to me tonight after we got home... we took a nice warm bubble bath together and she let me float and swim and splash in the water until it got cold. I've decided I REALLY like water and plan to explore this hobby more in the near future!

My final lesson learned today is that an afternoon nap.... the 3 to 4 o'clock kind for about 30 minutes.... does the body good! I wake up feeling on top of the world and am in the BEST mood for mommy and daddy! I think I'll make a habit out of that :)

So.... in the end, I have learned a lot about myself today and the new little man I am becoming! I hope to use my new found knowledge and power to teach mommy and daddy more about what I like and don't like and how to take care of me in the BEST ways!

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