Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy for the weekend

Well I officially made it through my first week with mommy back at work and daddy out of town. The nurses and I survived the week and I even made it to each of my therapies once, although I mostly slept through speech yesterday (I'm just so tired by the time we get to see her!). I weigh 11 lb, 11 oz as of last night and I'm really trying hard with some of my development benchmarks! I can, for the most part, hold my head up and most of my chest/tummy too in a sitting position... I can also lay on each of my sides (and stay there without rolling back onto my back) by myself, although only when I really feel like it :) I've BARELY started to realize I have these things called hands, although I have no control over where they go or what they do other than to get them to my face and mouth. I have figured out, pretty consistently, how to get my left thumb into my mouth whenever I want and I chew, chew, slobber, chew on it all day long. I can roll onto my belly (with some help) and hold my head up and move it around (NOT my favorite position)... and I even managed to get my arms underneath me for the FIRST time yesterday to help hold my head up, hooray (that's what mommy said when I did it!). I love chewing on my finger brush and even reconnected with my old friend the binkie pretty hard core this week (I didn't gag on him or spit him out as much). I'm still, as ever, quite a talker with anyone who will listen and am a complete social butterfly when someone talks to me (I let them know they have my undivided attention by laying on the smiles and locking eyes with them). I like going on walks outside with my puppy and any time spent in my swing is a good time! :)

Daddy came home from Ohio yesterday very briefly to hang out with me and then had to leave again for Chicago this time early this morning. Luckily my Mamie and Pops are here to visit me for the weekend, so they'll keep me distracted while daddy's gone! I'm hanging out with them and showing them the ropes today while mommy works... sometimes when I look at Mamie I get a little confused because she kind of looks like mommy, and she kind of sounds like mommy, but I know she's not really mommy! I get a pretty good kick out of Pops too, especially when he tries to kiss me with that funny hair on his face... what IS that stuff??? :) He's good to talk to though and makes me smile a lot so I think I'll keep him around! :) I'm looking forward to a nice long weekend with them

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