Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainy Sunday

Today has turned out to be a pretty rainy Sunday so we have been pretty lazy at home. The Bears and Panthers both have a bye week so we don't have anyone special to watch. The St Louis Cardinals, however, are playing tonight in their first game of the playoffs against the San Francisco Giants, so I'm rooting for them in my baseball and Cardinal red outfits to show my support!

Mommy and daddy and I did go shopping a little bit this weekend for me. I have a photo shoot on Thursday with mommy and daddy and since I'm too old for those cute newborn baby photos and I have too many NICU battle scars to take naked shots anyway, I needed something extra spiffy for the photographer. Soooooo we went to Babies R Us to check out what they had and came out looking pretty stylish (see preview below). Apparently I'm pretty handsome in plaid and jeans! We also picked me up some new high top sneakers today since I don't have any tennis shoes that fit just yet! Mommy and daddy said high tops were pretty big back in the day, they must be making a come back with the babies :)

Not much else to tell otherwise. We are supposed to go have dinner with my old friend Jacob (my BFFs twin brother) tonight, so I'm pumped about that and to hear how Jeremy is doing and when he's coming home. My new mickey button (which replaced that dangling g-tube I used to have) has been wonderful so far. I can vent and get the air out of my belly MUCH better than before and getting dressed and taking baths is so much easier now! I'm also back on a neosure supplement with mommy's milk to help my nutrition get just right so I've been a little grumpy with my belly trying to adjust again. I am officially 12 lb, 3 oz though so I'm on the right track!!!

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