Thursday, October 18, 2012

Picture Day

Today I had a picture day with a photographer, over at our house, thanks to my Auntie Stormy and Uncle Matt. The guy was VERY nice and mommy and daddy liked him a lot (he has a daughter and a son who were born super early and spent time in the NICU too, so he knows where we're coming from).... but I didn't know him at all and it took me some time to warm up to him. I ended up holding onto my smiles for a little while and gave him the cold stare to start. Luckily my nurse, Ms. Denise, stuck around for a little while with mommy (before daddy got home) and since I know her, I felt a little more comfortable and started smiling not long after we started. By the time daddy joined us, I was feeling pretty good about all the attention I was getting between mommy, Ms. Denise, and the photographer and the smiles were flowing!!! The photographer spent about an hour with us and took lots of pictures of mommy and daddy and me.... I was PRETTY tired by the end and started getting a little grumpy (who can blame a guy, modeling is hard work!!), but hopefully the pictures turned out good! We shall see :)

Exhausted after pictures

Mommy making me giggle after a little nap

My serious look

In other news I went to see my pediatrician yesterday and I officially weigh 12 lbs, 8 oz and am 23 inches long!! That's up TWO whole pounds and an inch since my visit last month. She says I'm catching up FAST and can't believe how good I'm doing. She also discussed with mommy the idea of me going to see an orthopedist to look at the fingers in my right hand.... three of the fingers in my right hand are kind of cramped and even though mommy and daddy and my nurses and therapists keep stretch stretch stretching them, they still seem a little cramped. SO.... I might have an expert check them out to see what's going on! 

Not much else to tell.... my therapists went easy on me today and gave me a leg massage (she rubbed that gnarly pic line scar of mine) and tummy massage to help my gas. I, in turn, tolerated some belly time and sitting exercises! I also got to see my friend Jacob again and a picture of my BFF Jeremy with a BIG on his face, so I was a happy camper. Here are some pictures and a video of my week :)

My morning bath

Rocking some golfing clothes today

Hanging out on the bed with daddy

I know mommy, I look good in green

Snuggling with my wubbanub after a long day

Awake when I should be in bed

Yes mommy, I KNOW I should be sleeping

But I wasn't done talking with you and daddy

On a final note, please pray for my NC friend baby Gabe!! He is recovering from a big tummy surgery and his mommy and daddy got some sad news about his MRI today, so they all need LOTS of love and prayers!!!

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