Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today was a kind of big, exhausting day for me.... and I got to spend most of it with daddy!! I had speech therapy this morning (which, as usual, I was a rockstar for) and then OT. Daddy said I was such a good boy... I didn't get tired or cranky or try any of my usual antics :) What can I say... I can turn on the charm when I want to! Then I had to go get bloodwork done over at the children's hospital :( The lady had to stick my arm with a big ole needle and took two whole tubes full of my hard earned blood... doesn't she know how long it takes for me to make that stuff?! But, my GI doctor wants to check my liver and kidney and other nutrition numbers... and my neurologist wanted to check some other blood level numbers since they haven't been checked in a long time.... SO that's why they needed so much! Mommy and I are going to therapy tomorrow morning again and then to see the GI doctor in the afternoon (wish me luck) to see what my blood tells them.

I weighed 11 lbs, 14 oz when mommy weighed me yesterday! I'm getting to be such a big boy I fit into all kinds of new clothes these days... since I was visiting so many people today mommy decided to dress me for the occasion... I'd looked pretty good if I do say so myself! Mommy caught me smiling a couple times last night since I was in SUCH a good mood for some reason.... just happy her and daddy were home I guess :) Check out my handsome mug:

Happy boy in the car (this is rare)

Chewing on my favorite left thumb

I tried both hands

What's up guys

Like my outfit

Sleepy boy

Belly time

Hi mom

Trying out a new toy

More hand action


Back to serious

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