Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Grumpy Version of Me

So this week I've had a hard time getting on a schedule and as a result I've decided to start voicing my opinion more and explore different versions of myself... mommy keeps asking who I am and where her baby went, I'm not sure what she's talking about! It's still me, just a more vocal, headstrong, feisty version of me!!

On Sunday we went to hang out with my BFFs Jeremy and Jacob for the Superbowl. I took a little nap while we were there, but I was so excited to be around my friends and there was so much going on I stayed awake until almost 10:30pm. That probably wasn't a good idea, in hindsight, but the Superbowl only comes around once a year so I had to celebrate :)

I'm ready for the Superbowl mommy

Unfortunately, Monday morning came around at exactly the same time as it usually does and I was not as rested as I usually am, so therapy was a nightmare.... a screaming, kicking, longest hour of my life nightmare. I tried to catch up on my sleep, and did a little, but Tuesday started much the same way as Monday and therapy was a worse version of Monday's hour... WAY WAY WORSE!! Mommy said she's never seen me so worked up and upset before, all I had to do was look at my therapists and the tears and fits started :( I wasn't in the mood to do anything and no one was going to make me, I made sure of that. The rest of Tuesday didn't go too well either, in fact when daddy came home to hang out with me that night while mommy taught her class, I refused to let him put me down and threw the biggest fits HE'S ever seen me throw when he tried to play with me or sit me down... sorry daddy!!

The scene mommy came home to

Yesterday was the tip of the iceberg... I'm finally getting into a good routine and schedule in the mornings, but unlike every other day of the week, I have therapy at 8:30am instead of 9:30am. I usually take my first nap at 8:30am, so you can imagine the mood I was in without my first morning nap yesterday... I finally fell asleep after lunch on the way to the plastic surgeon (who was looking at my gnarly leg scar) but that was only a 30 minute nap, not nearly long enough, and boy did I let mommy know it!! I didn't want to be in that stuffy old office with another new doctor, I just wanted to sleep.... SO.... I gave mommy a run for her money! I was hoping if I cried loud enough, arched my back far enough, threw my arms wildly and kicked hard enough, she would give up and we could go home. She didn't :( We had to sit through an appointment with that clown of a doctor for 30 minutes answering silly unrelated questions only to find out we should just keep putting lotion on my leg. Mommy was not very happy with him, or me and my attitude, and we both left frustrated and exhausted. 

Today I've tried to be a teeny tiny bit better for her, although daddy accidentally woke me up at 6am and I couldn't go back to sleep (I usually don't get up until 7:15am).... that didn't sit well with mommy. My morning nap schedule was, of course, off already and I wasn't happy unless she was holding me... needless to say it was a long morning for both of us.

I do have a few good things to report :) First I got my weighted puppy dog on Monday!!! He's super cute and super soft and he feels very good to sleep with! We named him Jack-Jack and he goes everywhere with me!

Who is this??

Wanna hang out with me?

Yeah I like him mommy

What should we name him?

Jack-Jack! Love it, do you like it?

I think he likes it mommy!!

I am officially, FINALLY, figuring out how to put things in my mouth. I've always been able to get my fingers and thumb into my mouth, but now I've figured out how to get a SPOON in there!!!!! I also have this super fun ball with lots of holes in it that I play with on the floor.... it's a little harder to get into my mouth, but if I get it close enough I can use my tongue to feel in between the holes :)

Ok, I can do this

YAY!!! I got it

Yum Yum

Ummm, mommy why did you put these all the way over there?

Ahhhh, that's better!

See my holey ball?

If I could just get a little closer

My tongue fits RIGHT in those holes 

This is a little easier

My puppy and I are having a staring contest!

Ummm, this yucky brush is NOT my spoon mommy

You can't trick me!!!

Mommy and I had a date night on Monday when daddy went to speak to students at his old college....

Mmmmm.... let's have MILK for dinner mommy

Yeah mommy, it's yummy!

See, I told you you'd like it! No I don't mind sharing :)

Mommy says Jack-Jack and I are good dates!!!

We did manage to get to the park for a few minutes yesterday before my doctor's appointment.... I sure do like the big boy swing...

Ok I did give away a big morning smile

An attempt at a nap.... my hands are yummy even in sleep!

I'm a big kid now

I like looking around

I'm ready to swing

Look how BIG I am

Mommy made me swing with her on the big girl swing... I like my swing better!

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