Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My week outside...

This week has been a week spent outside :) Here are some shots from my outdoor adventures...

Mommy and I getting ready to go in the baby pool

Ooooh, whatcha doing Aston?

Look at all my TOYS

You can play too mommy

oooops... splashed myself

Aston is sunbathing

splash splash splash

Water everywhere :)

Just lounging in my pool

Wanna come in Aston?

Making big splashes

All done, drying off

That was fun mommy

Make a silly face

Time for a walk at the park

Love this swing stuff

\This ones not as much fun mommy

Playing is hard work

Day 2 at the new park

I could get used to this :)

What is up there??


We played a little inside too....

Big smiles for the camera

At the doctor for my shots with mommy

All dressed up for therapy

it's so stressful sleeping on your belly

Farmer Wesley reporting for a playdate with mommy

ahhhh... this is MUCH more fun than sitting

Mommy and daddy bought me some new board books a few weeks ago and my FAVORITE one is the one with all the mirrors in it :) Every page has a different animal and a mirror so I can see what I would look like it I was that animal....

Hmmm, not sure penguin is my look

Mommy says this fits perfect... I don't know

Hmmm.... el elephante??

YEAH! I like this one

Lion, mmmmmm

Ah, I'm not a bear guy :) 

I've been entertaining the idea of rice cereal this week.... if I'm REALLY super hungry I'll let mommy put a little of it in my mouth, then I'll put my own spoon in there to mix it around, spit some back out, put my hand in there to mix it around some more, scream a couple of times, make as big a mess as possible, then let mommy try again.... it's quite fun actually :)

Ok so I don't always love it

I am, however, a big fan of the airplane

Ohhh mommy

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  1. Looove all the pictures, I wish it were warm enough here to play in a kiddie pool...Sebastian is dying to go outside and play!