Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Outdoor Water Adventures

The end of my week has been full of water adventures... first mommy heated up the water in my baby pool again and this time I didn't mind sitting in the cool water so much!!!

Look at all my fish

This isn't so bad mommy

I'm sitting pretty good by myself too

What is THIS thing?

Ooooohhh, I can splash too

Hmmmmm.... let me figure this thing out

Yeah, I got it, you spin it

Oh did you want to come in too?

Ha... yeah, I guess you can join me!

Hanging in my pool

Splashing is pretty fun

Being outside in the water usually makes me pretty tired, and mommy's on this kick lately of getting me to take my naps on my belly. HA! Why would ANYONE voluntarily spend time on their bellies, I don't get it. Anyway, mommy and I have been battling it out over this belly business and I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself, I've won nearly every battle so far.... she might have caught me off guard on a nap or two when I'm so tired I don't even realize where I'm sleeping, but overall I've stuck to my guns. I've also developed a new strategy... see, mommy thinks if I sleep on my belly I'll get stronger arms and a stronger neck and it will help me learn to crawl eventually, I'm sorry mommy but you're crazy!! So my new strategy (when my kicking and screaming strategy doesn't work to get me off my tummy during playtime) is to just turn my head and rest quietly and refuse to do anything until she turns me over. Smart huh?? I did figure out how to roll to my back twice the other day when mommy left me to scream on my tummy (how dare she???), but I haven't done it since because all that did was make her put me BACK on my belly. What's wrong with her?? 

I really love my puppy, so sometimes mommy shamelessly uses him to get me to look up while I'm on my tummy!

Mommy teasing my puppy to get me to look up!

Yes, proof that she won this battle

I got her to turn me over pretty quickly though

Ahhhaaaahaaaahaaaaaa!!!! Victorious!!!

Good mood after a nice nap

I MUCH prefer this position... and this cool toy

Mommy and I usually take my puppy on a walk everyday.... I prefer the stroller but mommy keeps saying something about trying to keep my head from getting flat, soooo she's been baby bjorning me instead :)

Mommy, wouldn't the stroller be easier??

Whatever you want mommy :)

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in S. Florida and mommy and I were getting cabin fever, so she decided it was time for us to visit the beach!! We packed up our sunscreen, towels, and sunglasses and headed East for some fun in the sun!

Hollywood Beach, FL

Here we are....

Well, not sure I'm a big fan to be honest

It's pretty and all, but...

Yep, those are my feet in the sand

I mean, it's cold and gritty... where's the appeal?

Nope, we're NOT going in mommy are you crazy?

I'm told you mommy, I don't like these things on

I prefer to play with them

Yes, it's bright out here but...

You see how much fun they are to look at?

Ahhh... this is more my style

The park mommy found to play in, those fountains were AWESOME!!

I had SO much more fun in the park than the ocean

Mommy and I played with the fountains and got SOAKED!

It was SO much fun!!

Drying off afterward

Yeah, this is the life

Just enjoying the sunshine!!

In the end, I really wasn't such a fan of the ocean. It's pretty and there were LOTS of people there, but the sand was gritty and sticky and the water was cold and salty!! Mommy and I played on the sand for a little while before she finally decided a walk might be more fun for me... Hollywood Beach has this awesome Broadwalk with lots of restaurants and stores up and down it, so we took a stroll north for a nice long ways while mommy ate an ice cream cone and I enjoyed the salty ocean breeze. We came upon this cool little park with a water fountain play area for kids and decided to check it out.... turns out I really LIKE water fountains! They're funny and squirt water everywhere and I can step on the fountains and put my hands in the spray and get SOAKING wet and I don't even mind that the water was cold :) Go figure...

So my weekend ended on a much better note than it started on.... I caught up on my sleep and am my old self again (mommy is very happy!). Daddy got to spend the morning with us, so we made a yummy breakfast and then mommy and I headed to church :)

Yeah, I'm happy again

I love waking up in a good mood!!

Time for church

I'm ready!!

Playtime with mommy

I love my turtle

Talking to mommy

Mommy is SO funny!!!

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