Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lots of Laughs and other fun

Well mommy and I finished up another wonderful week together.... daddy and I got mommy some beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day and cooked her a SUPER yummy dinner to celebrate...

I dressed in red for the holiday

Mommy LOVED her flowers!!!

Mommy and I hit up the park a couple more times and did lots of playing together...

LOVE my swing


What is this thing mommy??

I know how to work this!!

Ready mommy....

Here we go, hold on!!

Hmmm... I feel like I've seen something like this before

Just another day at the park :)

Everyone says my hair is starting to grow in a little.... I mean, JUST a little... thin and soft and BLONDE!! Mommy likes to spike it up when I get out of the bath so it dries straight up and she can see it :)

Post bath smile

Example A

Ok so my head still takes up most of the room up there!

Mommy made me get dressed up for church this chilly Sunday morning.... I agree with her, though, when she says I look pretty handsome... MUY GUAPO!!

Yeah I know, I look good!

I'm also getting TOO big for my bouncer mommy!!

Rocking my monkey hat from Auntie Stormy & Uncle Matt
last night on our walk, it was CHILLY outside!!

Mommy got me some baby cookies and yogurt puffs to try since I like putting everything in my mouth these days. I gotta say, the cookie was quite yummy to chew on... until I bit off a mushy chunk and had it all in my mouth. Nothing I've put in my mouth so far has ever broken off before... I'm not exactly sure what I was supposed to do with it, but gagging seemed like a good response so I went with that and got mommy to fish all the cookie back out of my mouth. I wasn't too sure about putting the cookie in my mouth after that but mommy insists I'll like it.... we'll see how I feel about it next time she tries!

What is this thing??

Hmmm, well I'll put it where I put everything else I pick up...

Mmmmm... yeah, this works!

I've fallen victim to mommy's tummy tickle monster a few times this week... I can't help it, when we're playing on the floor and she starts tickling my belly it feels so funny and I just start laughing, LOTS!

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  1. YAY for baby cookies! I hope you chewed on it for awhile!