Saturday, September 15, 2012

Picture time

Mommy pulled some new pictures off our camera and her phone to share!! Aren't I cute??

Grandpa and me

Giving a BIG smile

A little smirk

How I sleep sometimes.... very restless

What's up?

Belly time

I didn't last too long

My pack and play 

My handsome face!

How I sleep sometimes


I'm a pretty cute sleeper

On my playmat

Look at all my toys

Whoa, hi

Just woke up

And decided to give mommy a smile

Well a couple of smiles

Lookin at all my toys

Thinking about smiling

I have the stares

Mommy and daddy and Grandpa and me

All the boys

The Lindsey clan

I've been quite the grump today, probably still the after effects of my three shots yesterday. I've finally fallen asleep on mommy's chest and hope to get a GOOD long nap in for the afternoon!! Hope everyone enjoys the pictures :)

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