Saturday, September 15, 2012

A few firsts

Today was a very nice start to my weekend.... Daddy and I got up super early and had some quality guy time before mommy woke up. Then daddy did some yard work while I tried to take a nap (it's a little too hot for me to help him just yet). After lunch we went on a field trip to the baby store to get me a baby pool!! Mommy had her eyes on one with an umbrella to keep me out of the sun and it didn't take much convincing to get daddy on board. Actually mommy had to rein daddy in while we were there because he had his eyes on a radio flyer and tricycle and convertible car and a few other fun items all for me :) Once we got the pool home daddy put it together right away and I had my first taste of cold water on my toes. I gotta admit, at first I wasn't feeling it! Like screamed and cried wasn't feeling it. But mommy put her feet in with me and we tried again nice and slow and after a few minutes it wasn't so bad... I even managed to sit all the way down in the water :) I think me and the pool have some good times ahead of us very soon... Especially considering I live in sunny south Florida where it's hot ten months out of the year! Or so they tell me :)

In addition to my first experience with my feet in the pool, daddy added another first to my list.... With a little help from me! Mommy was vacuuming the kitchen so daddy was on diaper duty with me, and boy did he ever get the raw end of the deal this time. When he went to change me I had had quite the blowout, and unbeknownst to him it had made its way all the way up my back and onto my clothes. As such, when daddy went to take my shirt off he managed to smear the yellow mess all the way up the rest of my back, AND through the entire back of my head.

Needless to say this was now a two person job and daddy proceeded to carry me out at arms length to retrieve mommy..... Who couldn't stop laughing hysterically (clearly she's never had poop in her hair or she wouldn't think it was so funny). Her and daddy finally managed to get me under some warm water to rinse me off before I got what I was really going after the whole time, a hot and steamy bath (shhhh don't tell). Mommy took over at that point and sent daddy to finish the floors. He came back just in time to give me my lotion massage and put on my PJs. Poor daddy, it wasn't his fault hehehe. He's always good for a laugh though!!

On one final note, my shots from yesterday have FINALLY caught up to me. After dinner and my bath I couldn't get comfy or fall asleep and proceeded to complain and cry for a good two hours :( The swing, however, finally came to my rescue and I'm snoozing comfortably for the first time all day Hopefully by tomorrow these shots will be resolved and I can get back to my happy self!!

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  1. I love the pool pictures...he looks so grown up!