Saturday, September 22, 2012

Busy Baby

Well I've managed to stay a busy baby these past few days. Yesterday daddy and I went to work together in Doral for a little while and I was a very good boy. I met lots of super nice people with daddy and got a tour of the Blue Monster golf course. Daddy tells me I'm going to be his little golfer someday so I had to check out where I'll be learning to play the sport! After daddy and I got home, mommy called to tell us that her car wouldn't start and we needed to come and pick her up. We couldn't leave mommy stranded at school so daddy and I trudged back to the car and went to get her. I have to be honest though, I really don't like the car... my car seat to be specific. It makes me hot and locks me down and I don't like either thing.... good thing I love mommy so much that I suffered it to go pick her up! Thankfully the rest of the night was peaceful and mommy and daddy and I just hung out and relaxed through a rainstorm!

Today we made a visit to our church to visit our priest Father Ed and pick up some of my baptism paperwork. I'm going to be baptized in North Carolina over Thanksgiving, but I had to get a certificate and some books to read before that can happen. After church we headed to go get the car mommy left at school last night.... again I tolerated the car rides around town for mommy and daddy's sake and luckily they were able to get the car started and to the car shop before too long. Other than that I did a lot of talking and reading and playing with my family today.... mommy got me a couple new board books about trains so we read those and a few other books and then I had some belly and toy time! I took a nice long nap in my favorite place, the swing, but am currently walking daddy around the house with wide eyes... I don't plan to quiet down for bed time for at least another hour hehe :) BTW I weighed in a 11 lbs tonight... WHOA!

Here are some pictures and a video daddy took of me earlier tonight!!

Love my swing

Going for a car ride

Sitting up for daddy

Belly time

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