Monday, September 24, 2012

What a Day

I slept in this morning in preparation for my long day at the doctor's for my EEG....

I finally got myself up around 9am (that's sleeping straight through the night) and had some breakfast and mommy/daddy time before we headed out. I fell back asleep on the way there and was napping when the technician started in on me.... he had to connect all the electrodes to my head so they could monitor my brain activity throughout the day. I was a GOOD boy to start the process... giving mommy googly eyes, chatting her up, and even enjoying the semi-head massage he was giving me as he glued (that's right, glued) the electrodes to my head.  However, about halfway through I realized how limited I was suddenly was with my head movement and started getting cold with the blow dryer thingy he was using to dry the glue on my head, so I decided to make his life difficult as he applied the last few wires and whined as LOUD as possible to show my discomfort.

Once he finally got the wires connected, he wrapped my head with this funny cloth and told mommy we could move around and snuggle wherever we wanted.

It wasn't THAT bad after all, the wires were light and stuck on good so we could play and cuddle and nap just fine... the room, though, was a tiny little room and we were STUCK there for hours and hours and hours. Luckily we did have a TV and rocker and even internet for mommy, so we found ways to pass the time. I started with a nap! Mommy read me some books she brought and we watched Disney Junior and rocked as I fell asleep for my first nap of the day. I woke up a little while later for a diaper change... then went back to sleep... then woke up a little while later for a diaper change.... then went back to sleep. This pattern continued for most of the day. I figured if we were stuck in that room (and mommy had turned off the lights and put on some music for me so it was nice and cozy) for the whole day I might as well make the best of it and get in some ZZZZZssss :)

I did eventually wake up in the late afternoon and play with mommy for a little while before the guy FINALLY came back to release me from my bonds. He put this funny oil all over my head and starting pulling the electrodes off one by one. Most of them slipped right off, but some DIDN'T, so when he pulled they HURT! Mommy was trying really hard not to kill the guy before he got the electrodes off but he wasn't the most gentle and I wasn't the most happy baby and things could have ended very badly, but she kept her cool until my head was free and snuggled and rubbed my head til I felt better! When we finally got home I got the NICEST warm bath ever and mommy shampooed my head for a long time... unfortunately that glue would NOT come off... we had to douse my head in baby oil and brush and brush and brush and finally got most of it, although mommy keeps finding leftover pieces every time she rubs my head. Oh well.... it's hard being a baby sometimes!!!

So end my EEG adventures... daddy came home with lots of hugs for me and made mommy a SUPER nice dinner, then we took my puppy for a long walk since he was home alone most of the day! I myself am pretty exhausted and settled in early for the night! We won't know the results of the EEG til late in the week at the earliest... will keep everyone posted! :)

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  1. Sounds like a very eventful day...let us know how it went!