Monday, September 17, 2012

Time for interviews

Well mommy has to go back to work soon :( So I have to start interviewing the Help!! I'm a pretty easy baby as babies go, but I'm very picky about who is qualified to watch me and will get the privilege of playing with me all day, so I conducted my first interview this morning. Mommy is working with a company that has nurses with lots of experience with babies, so today I met a nice lady named Joey. She turned out to be pretty good with lots of experience with babies, kids, and adults. She also knows how much stimulation I'm going to need all day long and all the hard work and playtime I need to do everyday in order to stay strong and smart and catch up to where I need to be! Mommy and daddy seemed to like her too so hopefully we will be seeing more of her very soon :) I have more interviews tomorrow and Wednesday and hopefully they will go as well as today went so I have a good group of people to take care of me!!

I went to see my new neurologist today at the Dan Marino Center. I'm not really sure we learned very much by going there, actually I think we left more confused on some things. I'm staying on my seizure medication for now and mommy and I have to come back on Monday to do an eight hour EEG. That's right, EIGHT HOURS. They want to video me in case I do something funny (hopefully not). Neither of us are looking forward to that! The doctor also said I have a Grade 4 bleed on my left side (we knew that) and apparently I have a Grade 3 on the right side according to my records (that's news to me). Mommy and daddy are pretty upset with the NICU doctors because they always told us my right side was just "slight" and nothing to think about. Clearly NOT the case at all!! Unfortunately, the medical records department messed up the rest of my report and only had my records through May, which say my bleed is NOT resolved yet? Say what? So now we are all very confused as to what is going on with my head, sigh. I did get my head ultrasound done last week and have a follow up appointment with the neuro surgeon on Wednesday so hopefully we can get some real answers then! Mommy and daddy say it doesn't really matter what the reports say because I'm already smart and strong and they love me a ridiculous amount so it's all the same. They just want to make sure I'm not in danger of anything getting worse... Will keep you all posted!

On a final happy note, I got some fun new toys in the mail today from some of my friends including a super cool play mat. Mommy set it up in the living room and loaded it up with toys and I played all night (I especially love the mirror - I am one handsome lil man). The challenge is keeping my puppy dog off the mat and away from my toys! I'm also suddenly a fan of my binkie again, particularly the one my friend Karen gave me that's attached to a stuffed monkey... He helps me keep the binkie in my mouth and snuggles with me at the same time! :)

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