Monday, September 3, 2012

Sad Day

Well today was sort of a sad day because almost all of my family left to go back to North Carolina :( We did get to spend the whole day together and even went out to dinner (my first time ever), but in the end they had to leave me to go back home. I will see them again very soon though, and my Cici and Grandpa get to stay a few more days so that's something happy for me!!

My G-tube has failed me big time today! Remember how I had to get a new one last week because it had a hole in the medicine port (because the bag connector doesn't fit in the food port where it's supposed to go)?? Well today the medicine port decided to do sort of the same thing it was doing last time where the connector kept popping out (so mommy and daddy have to push it in farther and farther - thus the hole). Except today, the connector kept popping out and no one but me knew it. I kept telling them and telling them, but they just thought I was being grumpy. Well, technically I WAS being grumpy, I was HUNGRY and WET and trying to tell everyone but no one noticed until it was too late and I was soaked. Mommy and daddy ended up having to tape my connector with the milk to the food port of my G-tube because I got soaked three separate times... unfortunately, even the tape jobs didn't work tonight! Mommy and daddy are frustrated that I have a G-tube that doesn't even fit with the bags and pump that are supposed to go with it and I end up suffering and hungry and wet as a result. Mommy has to call the medical supply company tomorrow to see if we can get new bags that actually fit! Fingers crossed they can!!! On a happy note, for me anyway, I got two baths today because of all the milk that spilled all over me... I LOVE baths lately so at least something good came out of it! :)

I have to go to the Pulmonologist tomorrow to get a shot :( They give me a special shot every month to protect me against RSV since my lungs are a little sensitive (from being intibated for so long!). Wish me luck! Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!!!

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  1. Good Luck, Wesley! I miss you already!!! Love you buddy.