Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Good, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Today was a pretty good day, although completely exhausting for me. I had OT first thing this morning, and although you would have thought I would be in a good mood with lots of energy because (first GOOD) I slept basically through the night (I grunted and complained a lot but never fully woke up so it still counts :), I was quite cranky. After OT I headed over to the Cardiologist for a follow up appointment to check out my heart.... after waiting an hour to be seen (seems to be the new norm for specialist doctors) the lady wanted to do an EKG on me, where she stuck at least a dozen cords all over my body and wanted me to sit still. HA. That wasn't happening!! I was super tired and cranky and it was very cold in the room and the whole combination brought out a screaming Wesley for at least 10 minutes before she finally gave up. Mommy wrapped me up tight and walked me around and I finally fell asleep. Good thing too, because the doctor also did an Echo on my heart and I never would have been able to sit still through that procedure as well!

The GOOD, actually GREAT, news is that the doctor gave my heart a completely clean bill of health!!!!! :) HOORAY! My PDA is completely closed and even though I have a little murmer, its nothing out of the ordinary and he doesn't want me to come back to see him again.... E V E R! :) Fine by me! One less doctor I have to follow up with....

After the cardiologist we had to rush back over to the Dan Marino Center to see my new neurologist. Unfortunately that's where the bad began! First they wanted a referral from mommy to see the doctor... but no one ever told mommy she needed one, and our appointment was at lunch time so my pediatrician wasn't in her office. Next the lady wouldn't take my medicaid card as a back up insurance because she wanted some weird number that mommy and daddy didn't have with them, again because no one told mommy she needed it. Mommy got REALLY upset because I was cranky and tired and on my third appointment and we waited a LONG time to get this appointment because this doctor is super busy and the front desk lady wanted us to wait until 2 o'clock to try to get a referral from my pediatrician. Needless to say, I wasn't having any of that so we rescheduled for next Monday instead.

Once we got home I slept and slept and slept! Doctors appointments really wear me out! Mommy and daddy also put me back to a one hour feeding schedule because my gas pain was getting to be too painful :( The one hour schedule seems to be helping so far! I weighed in at 10 lb, 2 oz today, WHOA!!!! Can you believe it?? And I'm starting to take better naps (though still the cat nap version) where I can fall asleep on my own in my bed or the pack and play when I cuddle up with my blanket... :) I'm also QUITE the talker these days... I have definitely found my voice and love using it!! Life is good!

I have an eye appointment tomorrow :( :( :( Then a head ultrasound (hopefully I'll sleep through that). Please pray that I have good results from the eye exam and don't have to go back for a LONG time! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!

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