Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh happy day

Today turned out to be a good although tiring day. Daddy and mommy took me to see the Neuro Surgeon today and he was super super nice, maybe my favorite doctor yet. He told us that my head ultrasound looks good, about the same as it looked back in the NICU and my head is growing at a perfect steady pace. He said the right side of my head does have a little bleed but even though it was classified as a Grade 3, my ventricles look good so it's not something he's concerned about! Hallelujah. He seemed very happy with my progress and said that because I'm so little and still growing my brain should be able to figure things out just fine!! Fingers crossed and lots of prayers that that's true!!!!

After we saw the Neuro Surgeon mommy called my pediatric surgeon to see if he could see me... I needed him to take out some stitches in my incision that just won't seem to dissolve. Luckily we have his cell phone number and he took us back into his office right away so we didn't have to wait in the lobby with all the other patients hehe :) However, the experience was NOT pleasant. Taking stitches out really, really hurt and I wasn't too happy about it. BUT they are gone now and hopefully my incision can finally fully heal all the way now.

I slept most of the rest of the day after such a big morning. Daddy and I had some boy time tonight while mommy taught her class. I missed daddy all day long so I made sure he didn't put me down all night. He couldn't get much of anything done, but I know he appreciated holding me and snuggling all night! :) Some of my NICU friends are coming to visit me tomorrow so I'm super excited!

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