Sunday, September 9, 2012

Game day

Sorry I haven't written in a couple days guys... Mommy and daddy got Direct TV (yay) but the internet doesn't start for a few more days (boo)!  So I made mommy download an app on her phone to let me post some stuff :)

Today is my first Sunday of NFL football! Mommy dressed me in my new Cam Newton jersey so I match her in her Steve Smith one! We get the NFL ticket now so we actually get to watch the Panthers play! We also get to watch the Bears (daddys favorite) play so daddy and I are gonna camp out on the couch for our first REAL game together :) I guess I'll cheer for the Bears just to make daddy happy hehe!

I weigh 9 lbs 15 oz at last check... Mommy says I'm starting to get HEAVY ha! I seem to be doing good on mommys milk alone, which is good news. Mommy and daddy are trying me out on 45 mins on, 2 hours 15 mins off. So far so good, keeping my fingers crossed that my belly can handle it. I do seem to get these big big belly aches a couple times a day where I just scream for 10 or more minutes because I'm gassy! Mommy and daddy have to open up my gtube to let any air out and mommy makes me bicycle with my legs to help me toot out the rest. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. I took a nice warm shower with daddy this morning to try and help my belly feel better.... I don't know if worked but I did enjoy the hot water on my back! I hope whatever is bugging my tummy starts getting better SOON!

I had my first play date with my friend Jacob on Friday. I think mommy and Jacobs mommy did more playing/hanging out than Jacob and I did since both of us ended up taking long naps! Oops.... It's just so hard to stay awake in the mornings. He has lots of fun toys though so I'm definitely going back soon.... Hopefully Jacobs brother Jeremy will be home next time too so we can all play together!

Mommys gonna try to upload some videos her and I took yesterday of me talking to her :-) If they don't work today then when we get internet she says we'll get them up!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Uncle Kamerin!!!! Hope you have an awesome last year as a teenager :-) Today also marks my ONE month home from the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still alive and going strong, guess mommy and daddy aren't so bad at this parenting thing after all Haha

Go Panthers! Have a great weekend everyone :)

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