Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shots? WHAT?

Today started off pretty good, I had OT first thing this morning and was NOT happy about it. Not because I don't like OT, she's actually pretty nice although she does make me work hard. BUT, I was just finally getting to sleep and wasn't happy about being woken up to work. I did finally wake up and cooperate with the OT as long as she was holding me. As soon as she put me down or put me to work I was sure to make my voice heard and complained as loud as I know how! :) I have more therapy tomorrow first thing in the morning again... mommy already told them she needs afternoon appointments for me, not only because she's going back to work next month and can't do mid morning appointments, but also because I'm really not a morning kind of guy, mornings are for catching up on the sleep I didn't get all night! Not for working :)

I went on my first shopping spree this afternoon with mommy and daddy and Grandpa and Cici. Well kind of, I didn't really spend any money or buy anything, but I did experience a semi shopping mall... and more importantly, my first BOOK STORE!!!!!!! The smell of a bookstore is something mommy tells me I should embrace, there's nothing like it and it will someday be my favorite smell in the whole wide world hehe... mommy and I perused the kids section and board books for quite some time before I had a blow out that had to be addressed before we continued through the books :) I think I could definitely get used to that place.... it kind of reminded me of my room!!

This afternoon was spent predominantly at the pulmonologist's office... we waited over an hour to see the lung doctor and about two full hours total at her office! JUST TO GET A SHOT! Not my choice, obviously!  Unfortunately my pediatrician can't give me the RSV vaccine shot, so I had to waste an entire afternoon waiting at this doctor's office just to get a painful shot... and what stinks is I have to go back every 28 days to get a booster, boo! Oh well, it's over with for this month and hopefully I'll stay healthy for the month of September :)

On a final happy note, happy birthday to my favorite GRANDPA :) We had a wonderful day together and many, many more to come! :) Happy birthday Grandpa Lindsey!!

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