Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Busy body

Well we made it home safe and sound as I'm sure everyone knows... it was a LONG drive but mommy and daddy drove it through the night so I slept like a baby, as they say :) Home was kind of a mess with all our Christmas decorations still out and all our new gifts needing a home, so Sunday was a day to rest and clean clean clean. We watched a little football too hehe... the Bears didn't make the playoffs so daddy was PRETTY moody about it, but there's always next year!

Watching the Bears with daddy (like my Bears PJs?)

On Monday mommy and daddy took me to see that mean ole Pulmonologist... the only thing I know about that place is they're super nice when we go and they have fancy fun rooms, but they trick me every time and I end up getting a big fat NOT fun shot! :( In fact, this time I had to get TWO shots... something about how I weigh more now so I need a double dose! WHATEVER!! I was not a happy camper.... but I did weigh in at 15 lbs 10 oz and 25" long (whoa!!! I'm finally on the growth curve :). Mommy did say I don't seem to fit in any of the footie PJs I wore before we went home for Christmas anymore... guess I am growing!!

After the pulmonologist appointment we went to get one of my prescriptions filled and to visit my old pediatric surgeon.... he was so happy to see us and said I looked very good and seem like such a happy baby (well of COURSE I am :). It was nice to see him outside of the operating room hehe.... I hope all my future visits with him are for social purposes!!

Tuckered out after TWO shots

My room was starting to get a little crowded with all the gifts and books I already have, plus the gifts mommy and daddy haven't even opened up for me from my coming home party, PLUS all my new Christmas gifts... so mommy and daddy decided to take out the dining room table (since we have two) and make our dining room a play room for me (I'm slowly taking over the house; so far I have a bed in mommy and daddy's room, a swing in the office, a baby bath tub in the extra bathroom, a bath bouncer in mommy and daddy's bathroom, a pack and play in the living room, a stroller and swing in the hall, a high chair in our other dining room, and a bouncer in the kitchen... oh and a baby pool outside... hehehehehee)!! They put foam alphabet letters down to make the floor soft and brought out ALL my toys (old and new) for me to play with. Then they put up some fun pirate and dinosaur stickers on the wall to make it even MORE fun. Now my room is MUCH less crowded and I have my own area to play with mommy and daddy! :) Everyone is happy....

Daddy spelled all our names.... can you find all six?

My new room filled with toys

Helping mommy with my room

My pirate stickers

My dinosaur stickers

I have to admit I didn't make it for New Year's last night... I was out early in fact! 2012 was a pretty rough year for me so I'm really not too sorry to see it go! 2013 has my name written ALL over it... in fact mommy and daddy decided mommy is going to stay home with me ALL the time starting in a couple of weeks, so I'm SOOOOOOOOO happy and excited!!! We are going to have so much fun together :) We already signed up to take a baby music class together with one of my BFF's Jacob and his mommy and mommy and I have all kinds of plans for how to stay busy together... yep, 2013 is going to be a GOOOOOD year!!!

Happy New Year

Yeah.... mommy and I are ready for some quality time together :)

On one final prayer note.... I have a neurosurgeon appointment tomorrow afternoon to see about all this brain stuff I had going on over Christmas. Hopefully everything will turn out fine, but he has to look at the MRI results I had done last week and compare them to my earlier ultrasounds to see what the fluid in my head has been doing. Please pray everything goes okay and I don't have to have anything done with my head!! Please also pray for my baby friends Marcus (has the flu) and Gabe (has another infection ) and Jeremy (still trying to come home from the PICU to be with his family). THANK YOU :)

Did I mention I do NOT like to be put down anymore.... 

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  1. Don't you love having to dedicate a room to toys? It only gets worse as they get older, you saw our playroom! Miss you guys already!