Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My week with mommy so far

My week at home with mommy has been a FUN filled busy one, and it's only Wednesday! Tomorrow one of my bestest NICU friends Mr. Marcus is coming to play with me! He is the EXACT same age as me, gestationally anyway (he was due July 1st too!), except he was born on March 16th! He was parked beside me when I was in the A Room at Joe D... he was my motivator to get out of there because he handled that place like a champ! He's a big boy now and doing so much stuff, so mommy says I need to take some lessons from him when he comes to visit tomorrow :)

I haven't had ANY doctors appointments this week so mommy and I have just been hanging out and playing and trying new things!! On Monday I decided I would let mommy put some stuff in my mouth again (I kind of had a couple bad week where I refused to let anything but my own fingers in), so she took full advantage and went straight to the rice cereal...

I didn't want to hurt mommy's feeling so I ate a few TEENSY TINY bites

I got a bigger kick out of her playing with me

We played in my playroom, took a nice relaxing walk outside, and squeezed in a bath before daddy came home.

Well hi there

More laughing with mommy

Chillaxin' on my walk with mommy and Aston

Oh I CRACK myself up

Hey there handsome... 

Do you know you're n-a-k-e-d?? That is so funny

On Tuesday we played some more and I tried out my door swing again while my puppy played watch dog!

Guard dog

This is pretty fun mommy

Enjoying my swing

Mommy and I went to the grocery store and when we came home she put me in my high chair while she unloaded the groceries.... for some reason, don't ask me why, I found her bouncing around the kitchen putting away food absolutely hysterical!! Whenever she came back to me from the other side of the freezer door I couldn't help myself, I let out all my giggles! And when I dropped my spoon and she picked it up for me, HILARIOUS!!!! It feels good to laugh so I do it a lot :)

F-U-N-N-Y mommy

After my nap yesterday mommy decided it was time to go outside and try out my baby pool. I haven't been in that thing in a while but mommy filled it with water in the morning so the sun would warm it up for me by afternoon. I gotta say, though, the sun didn't do too good of a job because it was still pretty chilly! I'm getting better at dealing with cold water though so I gave it a shot...

Hmmm, what does this do?

Hey, come over here

I wanna try you out!

Would you like me if I sing to you?

Oh, didn't realize you were here mommy

Back to my friend here

More singing to the pool

WHOA, what is THIS?? 

Some live pool action

Today daddy accidentally woke me up SUPER early (I don't think mommy was very happy) and I decided to go ahead and stay up, even after he went to work... I didn't last long.... lucky for me, my good ole friend the swing never lets me down...

Best sleep ever

Mommy took me to Babies R' Us to walk around and I got to try my shopping cart/high chair cover out... mommy says I'm still a little too small for it and need to be able to sit up ALL the way by myself, but it was fun to act like a big boy, even if it was just for a little while.

Playing with mommy and my monkey before shopping

Let's go SHOPPING mama

Not sure what to do here

Hmm... a guy can get used to this

When we got home mommy had the grand idea to give me more food to try in the high chair... when WILL she give up this idea?? Today I made it crystal clear that I am NOT interested in the applesauce (or any other food she wants to try) nor am I going to play nice about it anymore.... see evidence below:

Okay, we started off good

Mommy tried some finger action since I blocked the spoon and hid my hands

Starting my complaints

Laying on the tears


Thankfully she made it up to me with a nice warm bath... my favorite :)

Happy clean Wesley here

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  1. Love all the pictures!!! Miss you need to come up again soon...this time stay for awhile and have some good playtime...Sebastian needs his buddy!