Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy week for a baby

This week has been a busy last week of work for mommy and I. I went to work with mommy a lot, played a lot with mommy, and went to a LOT of therapy sessions with mommy. I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things with therapy and had a REALLY rough time with OT and PT. I have started tilting my head to the left all the time lately and my therapists have been stretching my neck to help straighten me up. NOT COOL!!! As I may have mentioned before I don't like to be held down, or forced to do anything (whether it hurts or not). The therapists tell mommy my neck isn't stiff, which is good they say, but they still try and stretch it and I still fight them EVERY step of the way!!! In fact, on Monday, I was so tired from working hard and so mad with my PT that I screamed and cried the most I've EVER cried at a therapy session.... to the point that when mommy took me back for OT on Tuesday, I remembered exactly what my PT had done and immediately started crying again :( Hopefully next week will be a better experience!

Not much else going on this week... no doctor's appointments so that made me very happy! Mommy and daddy weighed me and I'm up to 16 lbs, 5 oz. WHEW I'm a big boy! I even graduated to size three diapers :) I have my first music class with my BFF Jacob tomorrow morning, I can't wait!!!

Daddy and I took mommy on a date

Loving on mommy

At work with mommy

Making faces

My least favorite place in the world, my car seat

Hard worker


Like my shoes?

Mommy and daddy say I'm such a happy baby

Play time

I have my grumpy moments too

So tired I fell asleep on the living room floor

Did you say something?

Getting tired

Napping with Elmo

Mommy and daddy are so funny

I like using my voice


This book just won't DO what I want it to DO!

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