Thursday, January 17, 2013

Super Special Day

Today was a SUPER SPECIAL DAY!!! Today my best best best best best best friend CAME HOME from the hospital!!! My BFF Jeremy has been in the hospital since March 1st. Jeremy's real twin Jacob (my BFF2) came home last summer, but Jeremy had trouble breathing on his own so he had to stay longer.... a LOT longer!!! He's my BFF because we do everything the same. We had the same tummy infection when we were super little, so we ended up with the same surgeries on our bellies (one to open us up and one to close us)... we both had the heart surgery, we both had the broviac surgery, and we both had the tummy flap/g-tube surgery so we both eat through a feeding tube. We both react to everything the same... every time something would happen to Jeremy, it wasn't a week before it happened to me... and every time something would happen to me, Jeremy would end up with it too. We don't do anything without the other doing the same thing.... our mommies call us "unofficial twins" :)

My reaction when mommy told me Jeremy was coming home!!

Look at that handsome lil guy!

The funny thing is, I didn't officially meet my BFF until TODAY! Can you believe it? We communicated through our mommies... the doctors/nurses wouldn't let us leave our own rooms when we were in the NICU, and once I got out mommy wasn't allowed to take me back in there. Then Jeremy moved to the PICU, but mommy and daddy tried to keep me away from there so I wouldn't get sick from the other babies. We broke the rules today though.... I HAD to be with my friend on his biggest day ever!!! Mommy and I went over to the hospital early to get some blood work done for me (the lady just poked my finger so it wasn't that bad), then we went to visit some of my favoritest NICU nurses before we headed up to see Jeremy. The PICU took forever getting his paperwork ready so Jeremy and I hung out with mommy and Jeremy's family for most of the afternoon... then Jacob and their daddy got there and the whole family was FINALLY ready to go home, together :) It was the BEST moment ever!!!!

 Visiting with one of my favorite NICU nurses Ms. Jackie

Chillin in Jeremy's room

Jacob and Jeremy riding out of the hospital with their mommy

After we left the hospital mommy and I went home to pick up daddy and go over to Jeremy's house, he was having a little coming home party with his family! :) Being at their house is kind of like being at mommy's house in North Carolina.... LOTS of people talking all at once in really loud voices hahaha :) We had a great time.... my Cuban Abuela was there along with lots of other super fun people that talked and laughed and smiled with me and the boys all night! I can't wait to go back and play with my friends again, they know how to do lots of cool tricks that mommy and daddy say I need to learn (Jeremy can sit in his boppy and dance - say what?? And Jacob can eat two huge bowls full of baby food and a bottle of milk and not gag once - say WHAT??). We already have a play date for next Friday and I can't WAIT!

Jacob and Jeremy finally able to play together

Overall I had a wonderful day with mommy and my best friends.... tomorrow we have no therapies, no doctors appointments, nowhere to go and nowhere to be.... and it's going to be a wonderful day, I can tell already! Just mommy and me....

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