Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommy's last day

Today was mommy's last day at work and all the girls from her work threw her a super sweet party!!! There was lots of yummy food and everyone went around the room and said what they're going to miss about her. They skipped me.... I guess they figured I won't have much to say since I get to keep her :) Starting tomorrow she's ALLLLLL mine :)

Getting ready for work today


Mommy and daddy took me boating again on Sunday! It was SUPER nice out and I really enjoyed the ride this time.... until I started getting hungry. It took some SERIOUS whining and complaining on my part to get mommy to realize that she'd forgotten to hook me up.... guess all the water distracted her and daddy. The funny thing was (or not so funny for me), she thought daddy had brought my pump onto the boat, and daddy thought mommy had brought it. In fact, NO ONE HAD :( Soooo.... back to the docks we went. It ended up being a pretty short boat ride by the time we got back to our car, but it was still nice to get some fresh air and ride the waves for a little while!

This darn hat

Hey there you are

Yeah this ride is nice so far mommy

So is my hand

Oh hey daddy... didn't see you there!

Not much other news to tell this week.... our weekend was a pretty quiet one which was super nice! I like relaxing and hanging out with mommy and daddy :) I had my first music class with my BFF Jacob and it was VERY fun!!! We sang LOTS of songs and played with some instruments too... I can't wait to go back on Saturday. OH OH OH, and my super awesome best news in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is that my really truly best best best friend Jeremy is coming home T-H-I-S  W-E-E-K!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it??? He's been at Joe DiMaggio hospital since March 1st and is FINALLY coming home, hopefully on Thursday :) I can't wait to see him... please say some extra prayers that everything goes good for him and he has a smooth discharge!!

Playing on Saturday

Snuggling with mommy

Taking over mommy and daddy's bed

I finally fit in this silly baseball outfit they gave me when we left the hospital!! Like my feet?? :)

I also finally fit in my super special Army outfits my Auntie Stormy and Uncle Matt gave me

Practicing my sitting

My Auntie Karen came to play with me yesterday

She had me doing all kinds of fun stuff

Balls don't go on drums! :)

That silly sock monkey


Auntie Karen let me play with my music box

Playing the drums with Auntie Karen

My first attempt at coloring :) 

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