Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Few Lists...

Today I decided I'm going to make a few lists... things I like, things I don't like, things that stress mommy out, things I'm learning, etc...

1) Things I don't like:
  • Mommy making me play outside in the bright sun (my eyes are sensitive and it's hard to see or do anything out there)

  • ANYONE holding me down... or any part of me down
  • OT and PT, enough said... Speech Therapy isn't far behind
  • Rolling over
  • Anything sticky or gooey or cold or warm on my hands... why does mommy keep putting yucky stuff on them???

  • Being left alone in a room
2) Things I'm learning:
  • How to pick up things at will with my left hand
  • How to use my pincher fingers to pinch and pick up things (I'm just starting to figure this out)
  • How to reach with my right hand (although in the end, my left is just so much more accurate and interesting)
  • How to pull on my G-tube... it's within perfect reach of my newly cooperative left hand

  • How to lay like a noodle on either side when mommy tries to make me roll to my belly
  • How to lock my mouth shut and turn my head whenever someone tries to put something in there
3) Things I hate:
  • Laying on my belly, period
  • Gagging... once it starts it just won't stop and I spend the two+  minutes heaving and drooling then another two+ minutes recovering
  • When mommy or daddy try to put clothes on over my head!!!
  • Getting OUT of my car seat... as soon as mommy or daddy undo my straps I make it as HARD as possible to pull me out
  • Mommy wiping my face off after she lets me get all gooey and sticky in the high chair
4) Things mommy hates:
  • When I scoot my butt as she tries to make me roll to one side (this is a skill move that takes lots of practice but I had to find a way to make her stop twisting me!)
  • When I throw a fit if she even TRIES to touch my cheeks or put anything in my mouth (hey what can I say, whenever anything touches my mouth/throat that nasty gagging things starts... I'm just protecting myself)
  • When I lean to my right side and fall over if she makes me sit by myself
  • When I throw a fit on my belly without even trying it for a minute
  • When I pee everywhere right as she takes my diaper off
  • When I poop through a brand new diaper right after she puts it on me :)
5) Things I like:
  • My puppy dog Aston, he's so funny when he whines and stares at me
  • Being bounced and thrown up in the air, mommy says I'm a dare-devil
  • Flying in the air, daddy calls it "Flying Wesley" and I LOVE it
  • Music and singing
  • Long walks outside with mommy and my puppy
  • My left hand.... it is so interesting and tastes SO good
  • Sitting in my exersaucer turtle and watching cartoons
  • Baths
  • The music boxes in my cribs/beds... they are so hypnotizing
Hanging out with my music box

Wasn't as tired as mommy thought
  • Pocoyo, he's my favorite cartoon
  • Snuggling with a blanket or doll as I go to sleep

Mommy took some pictures of my torturous high chair food adventures this week... she gave me oatmeal yesterday and rice cereal today. I really don't like it when she puts that yucky stuff on my hands, but after a couple minutes I don't notice so much anymore and her and I make a nice big mess on my chair :)

Ok mommy, whatcha got for me today

Finally warmed up to the oatmeal

I think I'm done mommy

Making faces for her

Hmmmm... this stuff isn't so bad!

Hahaha... yeah I'm a mess for you mommy

Let me try this stuff....

Hmmm... not bad after all

What is THIS thing??

I think I'll play with it

Giggling with mommy BEFORE she gives me the goods

Playing with this blue thing filled with rice cereal! MUCH more fun than the actual food!!

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  1. I think you are very reasonable in your likes and dislikes, except for not being outside...Sebastian is dying to play outside every minute of the day! You should get mommy to take you to the playground and have fun on the swings, maybe you will change your mind then!