Monday, January 7, 2013

Just call me Captain Wesley

I had quite a lovely weekend, I can't complain!! I still wasn't feeling too good after those ucky yucky shots on Friday so I did a lot of snuggling and napping and reading books with mommy on Saturday....

I am the KING of this bed :)

I accidentally fell asleep while mommy was reading to me

.....although I can't resist a little play time and smiles with all my super fun toys....

PLAYTIME!!! I'm ready mommy

Oooohhhh what are THESE?

My happy self

Oooohhh, what is THIS?

What would happen if I pull this thing?

Mommy and daddy were planning to take me boating on our pretty yellow boat on Saturday, but I still wasn't feeling like myself and was kind of grumpy. And.... while most people in the country are hanging out INdoors trying to stay warm in January, here in sunny S Florida it was TOO nice of a day for me to be outside for too long. I actually hung out with mommy on the baby bjorn and helped her trim these bushes she calls hibiscus in the backyard and even that was too warm for me after a couple of minutes (I'm a sensitive guy still what can I say, I live a pampered air-conditioned life :). So.... we just practiced what it would be like to go on the boat instead :)

it's bright out here guys

Ummmm, not sure what this thing is for, but I do NOT like it

LUCKILY, mommy and daddy had the very smart idea to take me boating in the late afternoon/evening on Sunday. That way it would still warm out, but cool enough that I wouldn't overheat. It turned out to be a PERFECT evening on the water and it didn't take long for me to settle into the Salt Life!!!!

Mommy and I parked in a perfect spot on the boat

Hmmm.... I could get used to this!!

We cruised around the New River in Ft. Lauderdale and saw lots of beautiful boats and houses... it was so nice to be outside and breathe so much fresh air!! I even helped daddy steer the boat for a bit, he says I'm a GOOD Co-Captain :) I think I could get used to this.... I'm officially a water baby!!!

I don't know about this mommy

What is THIS? That's one BIG bathtub

Yeah I'm a boater!

This stuff isn't so bad

How do you like my hat??

Daddy's Co-Captain

I'm a natural

That was SO much fun

Do we have to go???

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  1. Aww he is such a boater...Sebastian went out once but he HATED the life jacket, cried through most of the ride. I think he will be better this year!