Friday, January 18, 2013

My Friday Adventures

Mommy and I had a VERY busy day at home so I thought I'd share some photos from it...

We started with a morning shower...

 Oooooh cover that bad boy UP momma

Sup?? I'm ready mom, let's GO

Then I took a nice long nap before playing with mommy in my favorite play room... 

 This toy is interesting...

 What is that cow saying?

 Hey, what's next mommy?

Playing with mommy on the floor

After playing I took another nap and then mommy and I played outside since it was so nice out... then mommy had a BRILLIANT idea (she crazy) to put me in my high chair and cover my hands with Nutella. What the heck is this stuff was the only thought going through my head!!!! It's sticky, messy, and smells super funky.... and I don't think I like it...

 Ummm.... mommy what is this?

At this point mommy is laughing HYSTERICALLY so I can't help but laugh, but what I'm really thinking is...

 This stuff is everywhere and I do NOT like it, get it off me NOW

 Thank goodness, all cleaned up!!!

At this point I'm so tired from my Nutella high chair experience and so bored with mommy I just crash

I ended up taking a nice long nap, going for a walk with mommy and my puppy, and enjoying a quiet evening with my mommy and daddy :)

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