Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beautiful weekend in S. Florida

Well our weekend down here in South Florida did NOT disappoint! Mommy and I had a wonderful music class with my favorite BFF Jacob and friends yesterday... then mommy decided to pull out my g-tube in the car as she was trying to plug me in for breakfast! Fortunately I didn't even notice it pop out! Unfortunately mommy didn't have a syringe to deflate the balloon on the end of the mic-key so we had to high tail it home quickly to get a new one to put in... music class is only 10 minutes from home thankfully and I didn't even notice mommy put the new mic-key back in, she just pushed and pushed and in it finally popped!!! She vented me right after and yucky tummy juice came out so she figured it was in the right spot haha :)

After that saga we headed down to Miami for the grand opening of the new First Tee facility with daddy!! It was a beautiful place and I ended up meeting LOTS of daddy's friends and co-workers for the first time while we were there!

Giving away smiles

Last night mommy decided I needed a little high chair time after my big day outside, so she threw me in there with some of my favorite toys and a new little spoon.... mommy thought it was pretty funny that whatever my left hand did, my right hand copied exactly... mommy tried to upload the video here but the computer isn't cooperating :( Sorry.... 

Oooooh, my ear!!

Today we slept in late and cleaned the house a little (not me, I watched cartoons and played) before heading out on the boat :) It was so nice outside we couldn't resist!!! Daddy decided to park the boat at the sand bar today and test out the water.... 

How do I look?? Like a boating baby??

Hey look at daddy and me out in the water

Hey mommy, wanna come out too?

Oooooooohhhh, daddy that's COLD!

WHAT is this?? 

I'll take it for you

Mommy, are you crazy????

Hey hey look at us in the water up to our waists!!

Our beautiful boat

Hey mommy has one of these too

YUMMMMMMY, why does daddy say I have to wait 20 more years before I can have one??

All changed and worn out

Daddy teaching me the basics

Showing me where my hands should go

I think I got it

Ok daddy, I'm ready 

How do I look??

Hey, nothing wrong with an afternoon siesta!

Mommy dipping me in the chilly water!

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