Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sunglasses and stuff

Well all my doctor's appointments are finally done this week and all went WELL!! My GI doctor says my blood work came back good so I don't have to be on my liver medicine ANYMORE!!! HOOOOOORAY :) He also said I'm REALLY catching up on the growth chart and he doesn't want me to get chubby now (haha, can you imagine).... so when mommy runs out of breast milk for me (we only have about two weeks left, sad) then instead of me going on NeoSure (bulked up formula) I can just go on regular infant formula. And instead of going up on the volume I drink as I keep growing, mommy and daddy should just go up on my calories so I won't feel so full... sounds good to me!! I'm down to taking my milk over about 45 minutes every three hours and handling it very well, so everyone seems happy!!

The doctor did say, however, that my vitamin D is low (as is mommy's apparently) so we BOTH need to go outside more often :) The problem is my eyes are still super sensitive, even though mommy takes me for long walks in the stroller every afternoon.

Kind of fell asleep during yesterday's walk, oops sorry mommy

She took me outside yesterday to play in the backyard and I let her HAVE it... I can barely open my eyes out there, even though it's been hazy here and we play in the shade with a hat on. She WOULDN'T take me inside, though :( I finally got her to swing with me on the porch swing instead which was a little better!! Today she put on my shades when we went out...

What are THESE things?

Hmmm, do they taste good?

You wear these? Are you sure?

No I think they're better off

But mommy says I look GOOD in them

Nope... don't like em

I'd rather play with them than wear them

And I figured out how to take them off so take that mommy

Well hello

My neurosurgeon appointment went well yesterday too... he said my head is big (haha) but that it's growing with me and not out of the range yet, so he's just going to keep checking on me once a month to make sure I don't try anything funny!! 

I woke up in a fantastic mood as usual this morning and decided to give mommy a BIG cheesy smile when she pulled out the camera!


Mommy has this idea in her head that I should be sitting by myself! I don't know what her problem is, I like sitting WITH her!!!! She put me in my boppy and put some of my favorite toys in front of me today and I didn't do too bad...  

Ok this isn't so bad, at least I can see you now mommy

But it doesn't take long before I get tired and bored and go for a lounging position instead... 

This is MUCH easier!

Mommy keeps pushing this silly high chair mushy food in my hands and all over my face idea... today she went with blueberry yogurt. I made it clear I had basically NO interest whatsoever in her game and proceeded to stare her down as she tried to get me to play.

Like my double chin action??

This looks interesting, I guess I'll check it out

Big smile for mommy, can you clean me up now??


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