Friday, January 4, 2013

A few updates

I've been a busy baby since last I wrote.... on Thursday one of my very favorite people came to play with me for the WHOLE day while mommy and daddy went to work! Ms. Karen is SO much fun and she really wore me out! I wish I could spend every day with her :)

She figured out how much I LOVE mirrors

She is so comfortable to sleep on!

She even made me do belly time, but it wasn't so bad :)

I have been getting back into a routine with my therapies and am NOT liking it! It was nice having a break and just playing with mommy and daddy at home.... they make me work SO hard at therapy and I made sure they know I'm not happy to be back!! It's hard work using your belly muscles... I've figured out that straightening, or arching in desperate cases, my back can get me out of a sitting position pretty quickly. And ever since I was in the hospital in Charlotte I haven't felt like rolling to my belly.... at... all!! Unfortunately mommy has my therapies LINED up for the foreseeable future so I'm trying to get motivated to get with the program :) I have enjoyed, ironically, my speech therapy. My speech therapist sings funny songs to me and distracts me while she plays and puts things in my mouth. I don't mind so much, my tongue is very skilled at exploring anything that enters my mouth and I don't even mind the little bit of milk my therapist tries to sneak onto my spoon. She thinks she was tricking me, but I know exactly what she was doing.... that stuff doesn't taste half bad :)

Today I went to work with mommy for a while... I woke up SUPER early soaked to the bone through my diaper and pajamas, so into the shower I went. Warm water is my friend, and woke me right up for a day at work..... well, almost. I almost made it work, but my Mamie and Pops got me a DVD player for the car and I've been hanging out with Pocoyo and Curious George (which makes tolerating my car seat a little easier) who put me to sleep every time. I helped mommy hand out books to students at work and read books to the reading teacher Ms. Volpi (she didn't know ANY of the animals or colors, I had to explain everything to her.... silly!). Then we left for the dreaded pediatrician....

Nothing wrong with an afternoon siesta

hey.... no laying around on the job!

Normally I don't mind the pediatrician's office so much... she usually just looks at me, tells mommy and daddy how good I'm doing/looking, and sends me on my way. However, THIS TIME was a different story. First of all, mommy asked (actually went out of her way to cause me pain) for me to get the flu shot. Do you believe that? Her betrayal is appalling, I'm still not over it. Add to that the fact that she let them give me two MORE shots on top of the flu shot and you wouldn't believe the dirty baby cuss words I was spitting out at the whole office!! I weighed in at 15 lbs, 14 oz and 25 1/4" long. My head circumference, thankfully, was the same as it was when mommy called the pediatrician on Christmas day. So, overall I got a clean bill of health and left with sore thighs and a really bad temper.... which only got worse as we got home and my fatigue and grumpiness set in! 

I couldn't decide if I was grumpy or happy

Not happy Wesley

Ok so I gave mommy ONE little smile

I have, to mommy's delight, started saying mmmmooom, mmmmoooommm, mmmmooommm. She thinks I'm saying her name but really I'm just complaining about her in my own baby talk! I've also discovered my left ear.... what took me so long to find that thing?? It's AWESOME! I can grab it anytime I'm tired or bored and it always stays connected and flops right back into place! Mommy has taken to grabbing my hand whenever I go for the ear, or more often than not, my nose and eyes (something about the permanent scab I seem to have just below my right eye).... so I showed her by starting an even newer habit of punching myself in the head with my left fist whenever I don't get my way! I really like to keep her on her toes and boy do I get attention when I play these games with her and daddy... and when that doesn't work, I just scream a really high pitch scream for about 3-5 seconds! That does it EVERY time :) 

Watching Duke with daddy

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