Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pictures galore

So the rest of my week has been pretty quiet since I came home from the hospital. Daddy and mommy and I waited until noon on Wednesday for the neurosurgeon to come talk to us... he basically just said that there were no major blockages (thank goodness) in my head and that we can just go home and see our neurosurgeon, show him the MRI results, and let him decide what I need to do next! Since then I've just been hanging out with my Mamie and Pops and ALL the rest of the family at home :) We opened lots of fun presents and had some yummy meals and just play play play! 

Here are a few pictures and videos from my week... in no particular order :)

Tuckered out at the hospital

I finally fell asleep at 6pm

I didn't sleep for long before some much needed play time

Back at Cici and Grandpa's house for Christmas

Opening presents 

Aunt Mollie is SO funny

Tuckered out from opening gifts with daddy

Like my hospital attire?

Facetiming with Uncle Rich, Aunt Chris, and all my cousins at Gigi's place

Watching my handsome self on the iPad

Tired of car rides

Hanging out with daddy at the hospital! I don't know why they took me here, don't I look FINE?

Hi Aunt Mollie

Looking pathetic in my hospital gear and IV boot

Photo shoot at Gigi's place

Looking handsome don't you think

I'm getting good at standing :)

I got so tired I fell asleep in Cici's arms

My awesome family!!

Picture time with Gigi

Zoned out on some morphine after my MRI

Tired at the hospital

FINALLY on our way home from the hospital

Look at my cousins asleep on Aunt Kate


On our way to Aunt Kieran's house

Daddy playing video games with Emma and Lilly

Daddy hanging out with Harper

Silly daddy

Mamie got me a new door swing.... and I LOVE it

Like the scratch I gave myself?

Hanging out with Mamie

My new caterpillar rocker

Silly Sebastian decided to sit on my lap

Picture time with mommy

Cute couple don't you think?

My pretty cousin Lilly and her mommy Aunt Katelynn

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