Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A not so happy Christmas

Well I have a good Christmas story and a bad Christmas story to tell. I'll start with the good story. I had a fabulous time at my Cici and Grandpa's house with my mommy and daddy and Aunt Mollie!! We went to visit my Gigi on Sunday and even facetimed with some of my cousins and aunties and uncles. Then we had some fun visitors come hang out at the house with us for the night. On Christmas Eve, we slept in nice and late and the first thing we did was open stockings, then we ate a super yummy breakfast, and finally we opened LOTS of fantastic presents!!! I got LOTS of fun toys and books and even a few handsome outfits :) After opening presents we made some fun Christmas ornaments while Cici and Grandpa cooked dinner, then we drove back up to St Bernadette's Catholic Church (where I got baptized) for Christmas mass! I did pretty good through mass but about halfway through I couldn't keep my eyes open and fell fast asleep on mommy :) When I woke up we were home and ate a yummmmmy Christmas dinner (well everyone else did, but I thought it smelled really good at least :)

After dinner we drove down to Charlotte to see my Mamie and pops and all my aunts and uncles and cousins!! Mommy and Emma and Lilly and Aunt Kelly read lots of Christmas stories before bed so we could dream about sugar plum fairies and Santa Claus in our sleep :) Unfortunately that is where my troubles began....

Once I fell asleep mommy was rubbing my head and noticed that my soft spot was a little bit raised. My neurosurgeon and neurologist always said to keep an eye on my soft spot in case it raised up, so mommy and daddy started worrying a little bit. They called the on call neurologist and he just said since I'm acting totally fine, that they could just keep an eye on me through the night. They measured my head to make sure it didn't grow bigger overnight and woke up every hour to check on me.

Santa DID come visit us last night and we all woke up to LOTS of fun presents and toys. My bump was still about the same size and I was acting like my normal happy self so mommy and daddy waited a while and we all opened some presents with the family! At 10am mommy called my pediatrician just to be sure I was okay and she told her to take me to the emergency room just in case....

So off we went to the Levine Children's Hospital in downtown Charlotte and we've been here ALL day! I didn't mind so much, in fact since no one tried to poke me I was in a pretty good mood meeting all these new nice people. Mommy and daddy talked to LOTS of nurses and four doctors before they decided to do a CT scan on me... That I was not too happy about. Not because it hurt, but because they held me down in this tight machine. How DARE they?? Luckily it only lasted a minute and I was all better once they let go. Unfortunately the scan was completely useless because without any old scans to compare it to, they don't know if my head looks worse with more fluid or not.

Sooooo after lots more consultations by doctors and neurosurgeons and Radiologists, they all decided I better stay and get an MRI. YUCK!! The first thing those mean old ladies did to me was hold me down again, but this time for an IV in my arm. Mommy told them to send their best nurses in to do the job but as usual, they missed on the first round. Mommy snuggled me and calmed me down but two minutes later they were at it again, this time in my foot. Thankfully daddy entertained me for most of round two and they did get the IV in, then they wrapped a funny looking boot around it to keep it safe.

Once that was in, my afternoon was pretty quiet. I hung out in our room with mommy and daddy until almost four o'clock when they FINALLY put us in a pediatric room (which is really nice if I do say so myself!! Wish we'd had this nice of accommodations when I was in the NICU for five months!). We waited and waited and waited until FINALLY they came to get me for my MRI... The doctors really don't know what's going on. Since I'm acting so normal and my CT scan came back fine so far, the only thing they are worried about is a blockage of fluid in my brain. The doctor here says my CT scan looks like I may need a shunt in my head to drain extra fluid :( That's another surgery, which I DO NOT want to go through!! The thing is though, these doctors don't know what my brain looks like normally so they don't know if I have more or less than normal.

I'm currently dreaming DEEP dreams during my MRI while mommy and daddy wait for me to finish. We have to spend the night and wait for the radiologist to read my MRI in the morning, then they'll decide what I need to do next. Please say extra prayers that my MRI goes well and that my head is okay!! I want to go home and open the rest of my presents tomorrow and be with my family... And I don't don't don't want another surgery unless its absolutely necessary :(

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