Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grumpy McGrumpster

On Friday my daddy came home, HOOOOOORRRAAAAYYY!!!!! That was the happy part of my weekend... the rest has been a tale of whining and complaining!!! I didn't sleep very good Friday night :( Mommy decided to try and feed me my overnight milk in one slow feeding starting at midnight (instead of two quicker feedings through the night) and let me sleep until the early morning like a normal baby would. However, she never asked me what I thought about that plan and to be honest, I wasn't happy about it! I was wiggly and whiny and unsettled the WHOLE night. I was completely happy the way things were, why'd she have to go and change things up on me?? She doesn't need to sleep through the night like I do, what was she thinking? Thankfully she thought better of it Saturday night and we went back to my regular schedule!

Unfortunately, because I didn't sleep very good Friday night, I was a grumpy grumpster on Saturday! I ended up whining through most of the morning, then taking a long nap with daddy to try and make up for my missed sleep overnight. Then mommy and daddy and I went out to do a little Christmas shopping. Shopping can be pretty boring for a little guy like me, so after some more whining and complaining, I decided to do a little more sleeping! I was feeling a little better after all that sleep, so we headed down to Hollywood Beach for their annual Candy Cane Parade on the Broadwalk (I was lured in with promises of seeing Santa!). It took us FOREVER to get there and by the time we finally found parking, the parade was just about done. We DID, however, catch Santa right at the end and followed the parade along the oceanfront for a little bit.


We got about halfway into the rest of the floats when something made me SUPER upset and I started crying REAL tears :( I don't pull out the real tears and the sad face unless something is REALLY bothering me!! Mommy and daddy couldn't figure out what was making me so upset and to their credit, they really tried everything to make me feel better but nothing was working! SOOOO.... back to the car we headed and I finally settled down a bit. Daddy decided to stop by Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor to get some yummy treats for him and mommy, but as soon as we got out of the car and into the line, the tears started flowing again :( I don't know WHAT was bringing them on, but I couldn't help myself, I was upset again! SOOOOO, back to the car we went and headed home this time!!

Last night was a little better than Friday night, but I did wake up around 2am in tears AGAIN!! My g-tube has been leaking a bunch whenever I get fed or unhooked so, of course, with all my crying mommy unhooked me feeding pump and milk ended up leaking everywhere.... that earned me a new pair of pajamas and I somehow settled down again for the rest of the night. Today I battled more unexplained unhappiness and fought mommy and daddy tooth and nail for every nap and even more at bed time. I don't know why I'm acting so miserable. I don't have a fever or a cold and my tummy is much better. Mommy thinks maybe I have my first tooth coming in, but she can't feel anything in my mouth and I'm not drooling or gnawing on things any more than usual (although I wasn't really interested in playing with any of my mouth toys with mommy this weekend even though she really tried with me in my high chair).

To top off my weekend, mommy went to pull me out of my high chair tonight and my feeding tube got caught on something.... pulling my g-tube pulled right out of my belly! Luckily I didn't really feel much when it came out because the balloon on the other end was pretty deflated. Mommy and daddy had wanted to change out my g-tube anyway because it was leaking and old, but they were going to wait and have my GI doctor do it on Tuesday when I go back for a follow up appointment.... guess it was ready to go now!! I didn't complain much and finally fell into a deep sleepy sleep for the night. Hopefully I'll get a good night's sleep tonight and will start my week off right tomorrow!! :)

Big stretch after a nap

Like my sock monkey pjs? "chicks dig scars"

Ok so I did give SOME smiles away this weekend

Right before mommy pulled my G-tube out!

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