Thursday, December 13, 2012

Almost there....

In less than a week I'll be living the North Carolina life with all my favorite family and friends!!! :) That makes me, and mommy and daddy, happy campers!! This week has been pretty busy but good overall. I had a followup GI appointment on Tuesday and nothing much to report.... I'm currently enjoying a soy diet with a little bit of neosure to keep my nutrients up. I gained 6 oz in a week, GO ME! I'm up to 14 lbs, 13 1/2 oz... mommy says I feel STURDY and heavy! She also says I look longer/taller every day.... my legs are like frog legs hehe!

My absolute new favorite place to sleep when I'm ultra tired!

My OT/PT therapists think I could be sitting by the time we come back for the new year. I'm really starting to figure out this sitting thing, although it isn't easy and I usually complain a LOT when they make me do it! I'm a little unsteady but I have started sitting up straighter every day and hopefully soon I'll find my balance!

Here I am at OT with daddy and my favorite Cuban Abuela is trying to entertain me while I work on sitting on my own!! 

I'm still a grumpy grumpster, although I'm a LITTLE better than I was over the weekend. Mommy and daddy are trying to feed me a little more during the day so I only have ONE feeding at night. I've forgotten how to sleep through the night for some reason (probably my new diet) and they're hoping that keeping me to one night feeding will help me sleep better with a more settled tummy. So far I'm handling the extra milk during the day ok, but I'm still up at midnight and 2am.... we'll see how tonight goes!

Say what mommy??

My grumpy side emerging

Why are you taking my picture? I'm trying to go to sleep!!

On one VERY positive note, daddy took me to see my eye doctor yesterday and he said I'm doing FANTASTIC! My eyes are growing perfectly and I'm tracking and watching everything just fine. He must have done a good job on my surgery way back in the day :) I don't have to go back and see him for a YEAR, can you believe it?!?! YAY :)

Oh daddy.... I'm an OshKosh man, didn't you hear?

Here I am giggling with daddy.... We've been watching Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory WAY too much :)

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