Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home at last....

We are home at last :) At least our North Carolina home!! Mommy and daddy and I left around midnight last night.... something about wanting me to sleep for most of the car ride. Good thinking guys! Although by the 12th hour I was getting PRETTY antsy to get out of the car and had slept ENOUGH for the three of us (although mommy and daddy weren't feeling quite the same). Now we are relaxing, living the mountain life in good ole Spruce Pine, NC with my Cici and Grandpa! AND.... it's supposed to SNOW TOMORROW!!!!! I've never seen snow before, they tell me it's really cold and pretty though. :)

Down for the night ride

relaxing at Cici and Grandpas house
This week was a pretty busy one before we left. I went to work with mommy on Monday and honestly I think I had a case of the Mondays because I was V E R Y grumpy! I just couldn't get to sleep for my naps and I wanted to be at home watching football like we did on Sunday. Oh well.... on Tuesday we had a Christmas dinner with our fabulous neighbors who ended up giving me lots of fun gifts, even though they weren't supposed to!! They watch my puppy dog Aston while we are out of town and I gotta tell you, I think he likes their house more than our house. He was whining all day yesterday because he KNEW we were leaving... usually he whines because he's excited to come home with us, but now he whines because he just wants to go over to their house and he doesn't want to wait any longer! Last night they came to get him and he didn't even think twice about leaving us, he just booked it out the front door without so much as a good bye. TRAITOR! Oh well, at least he's happy while we are away!

 I finally fell asleep at work with mommy 

A little smile after my nap

On Tuesday I also went to see the Orthopaedist about my cramped fingers.... they were SUPER nice and took a funny x-ray right there in the office of my fingers and my hips (just to be sure they were growing right). Thankfully the doctor came back and said I'm PERFECT :) He said my hips were just fine and that the bones in my hand are just fine! He said he thinks the bands in my knuckles are just tight and I should/could just get a splint on my hand to help straighten them out. That kind of stinks, but at least that's ALL it is!!!! My OT says she can make a splint for me to use at night, so we'll see how that goes when we get back home in January.

Yesterday I went to work again with mommy and this time I decided to be a good boy flirt with the girls! There are LOTS of pretty ladies in mommy's office and I hung out with my Tia Jennie and Tia Yolima who were singing me songs in Spanish and teaching me new words in Spanish (mommy and I like to watch this new show on TV called Hola Bebe too where we learn new words in Spanish.... mommy says if we watch them over and over we're BOUND to learn at least some Spanish :) After work Mommy and I went to the Broward College graduation with my Auntie Kris to see all the new teachers walk across the stage... that darn mommy thinks if she exposes me to enough school SUPER early the seed will be planted and I'll be sure to go to college and be a SUPERSTAR student, hehehe.....

Getting in a quick nap before graduation

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and I'm sure I'll be on to tell about my weekend adventures (and hopefully first snow stories). My Tio Pierce and Tia Pilar are flying to Spain tomorrow for a VERY special Christmas, so say an extra prayer that they have a safe flight! Also my BFF Jeremy is trying out the cannula again to see if he can get home by New Years.... please say an EXTRA BIG PRAYER that his lungs stay strong and he can come home soon!!!

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