Sunday, December 16, 2012

My New Tricks

This weekend I've learned a few handy tricks that have gotten me extra attention :) First I've learned a new whine that gets mommy every time.... if I'm not feeling good, or I'm tired, or hungry, or just fed up and want attention right now I lower my bottom lip and make a REALLY sad face and whimper a pathetic little cry and BAM.... problem solved!! :)

Another trick I've learned (or habit I've developed) is a whiny moan/cry when I'm super tired. Sometimes I get so tired I just can't get to sleep no matter WHAT position I'm in or whose arms... so to make sure everyone knows exactly how tired I am and that it's their job to help me get to sleep, I purse my lips together and sort of make that same sad face like when I'm upset and moan a very specific tired baby song. It's not quite a whine and not quite me talking... I've learned to combine the two for this specific purpose and it also works quite effectively on mommy and daddy!

My new whiny whimper song of sleep

I have been hard at work this weekend on things mommy would consider a more productive use of my time (although that's up for debate). I'm working SUPER hard on sitting up by myself. Now that I have a New Year's goal of sitting on my own, mommy and daddy are making it their job to see that I meet that goal. I however, am not feeling it!!! Sitting up is HARD work and hurts my belly, particularly when I'm feeling tired or lazy and have to use those muscles even more just to stay upright, forget side to side. BUT, I played along for their sake and we threw in some rolling over and belly time to switch things up a bit (which I'm also getting better and better at!). My favorite toy for the weekend was my mirror.... boy that guy is handsome! He smiles a lot and likes to talk a lot too, just like me :)

Well hello handsome

Practicing my sitting skills

Mommy gave me a break and we had a good laugh!

Daddy tried to get me to play with my Duke basketball :)

Swinging in my "baby" swing while daddy wrapped some presents

 Last night I went to my first Christmas party with mommy and daddy and SANTA CAME!!! I was pretty tired and in a zone for the most part, but we got our picture taken with him and he brought me two SUPER fun new toys to play with (thank you Most family :)

All dressed up with mommy at the party!

Who is this guy?? 

Family picture with Mr. Clause

This morning I had to get dressed up AGAIN to go to church! I have to say, though, I look good in just about anything :) 

My pillow palace this morning

Dressing up isn't SO bad I guess

Mommy tricked me and got me to sleep on her shoulder then snuck me onto my belly for a nap

The nap didn't last long, I wanted to watch FOOTBALL :)

Mommy took lots of videos of me doing all my fun new things but her phone isn't working right so she can't get them off and onto the computer right now! Hopefully she'll figure that one out soon!! The last trick I learned this weekend is how to stand up using JUST my arms!! :) I've been able to put weight on my legs before, but this weekend mommy and I figured out that she could pull me up by my arms and I'm strong enough to balance myself on my feet now! WAHOO!!!! Watch me :)

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  1. Love the new whine...It's so weird to see you guys dressing up in shorts and t-shirts...its been warm up here but not that warm! Can't wait to see you next week!