Sunday, December 2, 2012

My weekend adventures

My ultrasound went pretty good on Friday. Mommy says I'm quite the champ because I wasn't allowed to eat for four hours before the ultrasound, PLUS the hour it took to actually do the ultrasound! I was one HUNGRY dude, but I didn't complain. I knew what had to be done and I let the technician do his work without a peep from me! I was a little bit wiggly while he was doing the actual ultrasound (you would be too if some guy was putting warm goo on your belly and moving this stick all around!) but I got to watch Curious George and I think I actually fell asleep toward the end because he took so darn long!

Auntie Emma and I played for the rest of the day on Friday (much more fun that my nurses) and even Uncle Brian came to hang out for a few minutes before daddy got home :) My tummy was still feeling kind of funny but since I hadn't eaten eaten any milk in a few days mommy decided to try and give me a LITTLE bit with my rice water and pedialite so I don't start losing too much weight! Welllllllll.........

I don't think my tummy was still quite ready for the milk, because that night (actually early Saturday morning) I had a blow out for the books!!!!! Mommy woke up at 6:30am to feed me my first breakfast when she noticed I was kind of wet (it was hard to see because it was still dark in our room). She decided to change my diaper and PJs and dry me up (even though I was PASSED OUT) when she noticed it wasn't pee I was drenched in.... it was something WAY stinkier and WAY messier!!!

Daddy finally turned on the light (this is all what mommy told me, I was still sleeping soundly) and saw the damage that I had done!! My mess was E V E R Y W H E R E.... all over my clothes, all over my bed, all over my blankets, all over ME.... I had left no corner untouched! Needless to say, at this point I had to be woken up and moved because there was no quick fix :) Mommy went to work giving me a bath (which I have to say, if you're gonna wake a guy up early, a warm bath isn't a bad way to wake up) while daddy had the fun job of fixing my bed. I got to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed for the rest of the morning after my bath since mine was in no shape to be slept in.

I went back on the rice water and pedialite diet after that and had a little bit better morning.... mommy and daddy and I went to baby Gianna's memorial that afternoon. It was very sad, but her family was in good spirits and Gianna's twin baby Zoey is doing well... please continue to say prayers for her and her family! Unfortunately, my tummy wasn't cooperating while we were at the memorial (I was still working out the milk from that night) and had a little bit of an accident while daddy was holding me. "Little" might not be quite a strong enough word actually.... let's just say we had to leave the memorial and mommy had to buy daddy a new shirt at the mall while I went through the clothing supply in my diaper bag! Sorry daddy... I couldn't help it!

Today has been a better day... I have had a few blowouts, gone through several outfits, but overall I'm on the right track and HOPEFULLY starting to get back to normal by mid-week?? We shall see. Mommy and daddy bought me a new high chair :) This way I can sit with them at the dinner table and I have somewhere to play with my mouth brushes and toys and books and do my speech therapy exercises!!

Hmmmmmm.... what's this?

Sticking my tongue out helps me concentrate

On one final note, mommy had me laughing BIG laughs last night for the first time ever. I don't know what came over me or why it was so funny, but I was really tired and fighting my bed time and she just kept telling me be a Nike man and "just do it," just go to sleep :) Daddy caught a video of us laughing together.....

Ooooh what's on TV?

Driving back from my ultrasound with mommy

Hi guys

All tuckered out last night

I was so tired I fell asleep in my turtle

I'm ready guys

Hi daddy!!

Watching the morning news while mommy gets ready for work

Let's PLAY

More TV watching


  1. that giggle video gets me everytime! xoxo wesley :)

  2. Love the new highchair! Looks like he does too! Miss you guys!