Thursday, December 6, 2012

A busy week

Let's see.... since I last talked to everyone a lot seems to have happened. First my daddy left me AGAIN for the whole week :( He is living the life in Palm Springs, CA and missing me super big amounts!! Mommy and I are getting to spend LOTS of time together and it's been really nice actually :) Thankfully daddy comes home tomorrow, hooooooray!

Monday was a pretty uneventful day, I had PT and did pretty well overall. On Tuesday I went to work with mommy because I had a GI doctor appointment in the morning and OT in the early afternoon... so I hung out with the ladies at Broward College's Teacher Education Program and explored my options for a career in the field of education.

mommy got me up early to go to work

Getting my beauty sleep at work

oh mommy, you're so funny sometimes

Hmmmm.... become a teacher you say?

Ok, show me some more information

Ahhhhh..... yes, I can see myself going into education

My GI appointment was very productive. My doctor said my ultrasound results were perfectly fine (sigh, wahoo!!!) and that my numbers were probably elevated because I was sick the week they took blood from me. That's the good news, the bad news is I have to stay on that darn medication for a little while longer and I have to get more blood work done in a couple of weeks. Sigh, oh well, what's a guy to do?

My GI doctor also put me on a pre-digested formula called Neocate (the same stuff I was on in the NICU for a while) for three weeks until my tummy settles down. He says I'm lactose intolerant for at least the next month and this stuff is already broken down for my belly and all I have to do is absorb it. He also gave mommy some powder stuff called probiotics to put in with my milk twice a day to help get my tummy back in working order. I must say, that doctor knows what he's doing! In only two days I went from a total mess, with everything going right through me, to back to my normal self on this new diet... way to go doc! I also have to say that sometimes it's not so bad having this G-tube thing because if I had to actually smell and drink this pre-digested formula stuff, there'd be some serious fights between me and the bottle going down!!! Y-U-C-K!

Hanging out at the doctor's office

Yesterday I had my best day at Speech Therapy ever!!! Since I have a new high chair at home, mommy and my speech therapist decided I should also sit in one at therapy! Fine with me.... the thing I love about being in my high chair is I get undivided attention from anyone who sits in front of me! As you know, I'm quite the socialite and LOVE to talk.... and my new favorite thing to do is watch people's mouths move when they talk or sing. SO, my speech therapist sang and sang and sang to me while I was in her high chair and while I was distracted watching her mouth move with those funny songs, she worked on my mouth with my mouth brush and baby spoon and binkie! It's a win win if you ask me :)

Today my OT told mommy that now that I can swat at things pretty good with both my hands, I should be starting to grasp and grab onto things. I'm telling you.... it's never enough for these therapists! They ALWAYS want me to do more more more. Just when I master one thing, they go and tell mommy that I have to start working on something else! I am doing a little bit of grasping with my left hand and OCCASIONALLY with my right hand, but I guess I really have to start focusing more and clasping my hand around toys and eventually start using my pincher fingers to pick things up..... on another note I'm getting better and better at sitting! It's not my favorite thing in the world to do, but I'm getting there :)

Watching Curious George in my high chair while mommy gets ready

Seriously with the pictures right now mommy! I'm tired, can't you see that?

Today I got to spend the day at home with mommy and it was so nice. We played and read books and watched Christmas cartoons and took LONG peaceful naps (at least I did)... then we went over to Auntie Emma and Uncle Brian's house to have dinner. They are so funny... I love being with them because they're so funny and they make me smile and talk a lot :)

Having fun with mommy at home

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