Sunday, November 11, 2012

Working Man

This week has had a busy ending!!! First on Thursday our nurse called and said her daughter was throwing up so she couldn't come! Mommy told her to stay home on Friday too because she doesn't want me to get sick!!! So, that meant I got to spend the day at work with mommy on Thursday, and daddy on Friday! I was a GOOD boy and got LOTS of attention at both places (my favorite)!!

Napping at work with mommy

Getting a little snack

Hanging out with Auntie Emma at daddy's work

Thursday was daddy's birthday so we made breakfast in bed for him in the morning and brownies and ice cream when he came home from work. He had a meeting late that night though so we didn't get to do too much celebrating although I had a fun visitor that night, my Auntie Karen... she brought me LOTS of fun new toys to play with and chew on and she played with me LOTS (another favorite of mine)! Her and I get along really well :)

I've been gagging a lot and choking on my saliva when I do gag lately so mommy and daddy are trying a new feeding schedule with me. My belly is pretty little already plus the doctors made it smaller when they made a flap from it to stop any milk from coming back up.... SO, instead of giving me big meals every three or four hours, they are giving me lots of little snacks every hour and a half or so, just enough to fill me up but not enough to make me too full, gag, and then get the hiccups! So far so good! I haven't gagged and choked all weekend (except a couple of coughs here and there) and am enjoying my snacks every couple of hours.... it's a lot more work for mommy and daddy but luckily they will do anything to help me. Now if we can just get the nurses on board on Tuesday!!

I noticed lately that I REALLY enjoying falling asleep in somebody's arms... in fact, it's really the only way I want to fall asleep from now on! That or watching and listening to my one of my music boxes.... and if my belly is hurting, I demand to be held, upright!! I don't like to be left alone, period, and prefer someone talk to me and hold me if possible most hours of the day. If someone isn't going to hold me, then I want them to lay down and play with me and talk to me.... I REALLY like the TV lately, there's just something mesmerizing about it, although really I'll watch anything moving (mommy's and my new favorite thing to do is watch/listen to books on the iPad). I've also taken to liking walks around the neighborhood.... half sitting up taking in the sights, the other half laying down to fall into a nice deep sleep! Another favorite of mine is talking to myself in the mirror... every time I see that handsome mug I can't help but SMILE :)

Talk to me....


Watching the Very Hungry Caterpillar on the iPad

Awwww.... this is the life

Oh mom, do I HAVE to play....

Sigh, if you insist

Get down here with me mommy

Or talk to me, that works too

Watching the Panthers play football

Snoozing after a walk last night

Talking to mommy and my friend in the mirror

Birthday hug for daddy!!!

I'm getting so BIG, and have become SUCH a wiggle worm that this is what happens when I lay on my boppy now...

how I start....

wiggle wiggle wiggle

where I end up

In less than a week I'm going to be in North Carolina and officially baptized! I was baptized in the hospital the night my brother passed away, but now we are officially naming my God parents and having a real ceremony and honoring my brother in church!!! There are going to be LOTS of family and friends there that love me bunches and I can't wait to see (and meet) them all :) I've never been to North Carolina or in cold weather so this is going to be an interesting experience for me!!
Late night play time

GOOD morning, I slept in LATE!!

Finally got our boat back, with a new trailer... Aston is guarding it!

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  1. Love all the pictures...I hope Pat had a great birthday!!!