Monday, November 26, 2012

Finally some pictures...

Ok mommy finally pulled up some pictures for everyone....

Baker Family

Converting Father Hall to a Mountaineer

Tia Pilar

Uncle Josh


Mommy with my cousins Emma and Lilly

Aunt Mollie

Pops and I hanging out

Playing with Aunt Mollie

Happy sleeper

My big day

Hunting for a Christmas tree

I got tired pretty quick

Mommy and Aunt Kelly and me

I slept a lot this trip

Hanging out with my Uncle Sam

He is SO funny

What's up man?

Decorating Mamie and Pops' Christmas tree

I helped hang ornaments

Mommy helped too

Hanging out with the boys

ALL the boys

My Tia Pilar and Aunt Janet

Pops giving me the low down


Swinging with daddy

Tuckered out

I didn't want to wear my socks 

More heart to hearts with Pops

Playing with daddy

I'm mommy's little turkey on Thanksgiving

Contemplating things with Aunt Kelly

Aunt Kieran is SO comfortable

So is Aunt Kelly

All dressed up for my baptism with mommy

Chatting with Grandpa

We found our tree

I had to have a hat and glasses because it was cold but bright

Dressed for the cold weather

Trying on my new hat

I LOVE my new snoopy doll

waking up to mommy's face makes me smile

Hanging with my Aunt Kelly

I like her

She's so funny

Out to eat with Cici

Chillin' with my Uncle Kamerin

I smell TURKEY

What's up Tio Pierce

On my way to Charlotte

Such a happy boy

Playing in an exersaucer

Look how big my hands are getting

Tuckered out on our way home

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