Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taking the bad with the good

I woke up at midnight last night and did NOT feel good!!! In fact, I felt so crumby I screamed the loudest I've ever screamed until mommy and daddy finally walked me around and calmed me down and I fell back asleep.... unfortunately I woke up again an hour later and felt yucky, again. Then I fell back asleep, woke up an hour later and remembered I still felt crumby. That was basically how my night went last night, waking up every hour on the hour feeling yucky and making sure mommy and daddy were as miserable as I felt!!

I finally woke up for real around 7:30am this morning next to mommy and couldn't breathe through my nose at all. Every time I tried it made me cough, then I'd sneeze and that would make me gag! My morning proceeded through a miserable cycle of cough, sneeze, gag, cry, cough, sneeze, gag, cry :( Mommy put this NASTY blue bulb thing in my nose and tried to suck out the yucky boogers... it kind of worked, but I was NOT expecting that feeling and it made me SUPER MAD!!! I finally fell asleep in the swing and got some much needed rest before we headed to my doctor's office to get some help....

Finally found some sleep in my swing

Watching Winnie the Pooh

Of course, by the time we got to my doctor's office, I was feeling a little bit better (thanks to some Vick's vapor rub) and was actually in a pretty chipper mood. I LOVE attention, as you know, and when she started talking to me and kissing my feet I decided to turn on the charm and flirt back at her. She also had a couple of medical students with her (more attention for me) and I took the opportunity to smile, talk, play, and show them what I could do! LUCKILY, I was still sounding pretty gunky and couldn't breathe through my nose still or my doctor might have called mommy and daddy liars!!

Off to the doctor's office

It's hard to suck on my hand when I can't breathe through my nose!!

The GOOD thing is, my lungs are clear as a bell! HALLELUJAH :) No breathing treatments or hospital visits for me. The bad thing is I have a cold and there really isn't anything she can give me for it :( She told mommy to just keep suctioning out my nose and keep me upright to make sure nothing gets into my lungs. The other good thing is my doctor was SUPER DUPER impressed with me... she said I'm doing so well, she couldn't believe all the things I could do or how well I was growing and progressing!!! GO ME!!! If I wasn't confident before, I sure am now :) One final good thing that came out of our visit is she gave me a reflux med... HOOOOOORAY!!!! I'm going to try it for two weeks and see if it helps at all, fingers crossed!

After the doctor's office, I spent the rest of the day lounging in my boppy and bouncy chair watching Baby Einstein DVDs... I really like those! So many colors and interesting animals and the music is so soothing... I could watch those allllll day long (have I mentioned how much I love TV? Mommy and daddy have already started limiting my TV time, sigh...). I also took a nice long walk around the neighborhood and a few more naps in my friend the swing! Hopefully I'll start feeling better by morning, although so far my night has turned out similar to last night with me waking up every hour realizing how not good I feel :( The night is young though and I'm pretty tired so deep sleep is SURELY in my future....

My throne for the day... notice the Kleenex and Vick's in the background

Yeah, ok I'll wear a Duke outfit for you tonight Daddy

You want me to cheer for them too?? You're funny Daddy

Never too sick to smile.... I love my Scout puppy dog

Never too sick to play :)

 One final request.... my NICU friend Ms. Rebecca is having surgery tomorrow to get the belly flap like me :( Please say a prayer for her that it goes well and she can come home again soon!!

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