Friday, November 16, 2012

On the road....

And we are off to North Carolina!!!!! I am finally on the up and up feeling better and actually slept through the night for the first time this week, hooray! Mommy and daddy were happy anyway :-) My nose is much clearer after several Vicks vapor rub massages and hours next to the vaporizer at night.... this is good because I'm feeling more like myself again but sad because I was really enjoying my excused time in the swing (mommy usually won't let me in there more than once a day)  and bouncy chair watching Snoopy and Baby Einstein!! Mommy says I gotta start getting back to my real work and play schedule.... shucks :/

We left for North Carolina today around 2pm. I've never been on a road trip before so this should be interesting. I gotta say, so far it's not so bad.  I like watching the cars and trees go by and mommy and daddy packed LOTS of toys and music and books for me to play with in the car. Mommy is sitting back here with me and we have had some great conversations so far :) I took a couple of naps already and am settling in for a long snooze now... hopefully when I wake up we'll already be there!!!

Tomorrow is my big baptism so please say lots of prayers that everything goes well!! Please also pray that everyone who is coming to see me tomorrow has a safe drive, lots of my family and friends are coming from far away places to be with me :) I'll put up some pictures as soon as I can!

I have one final prayer request.... one of my NICU friends baby Gianna had to get flown down to Miami Children's Hospital today because she got really really sick :-( Please pray for her to get better and her mommy and daddy and twin sister to be strong for her!!!

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